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100ml Loaded Shortfill E-Liquid Sale (9 Flavours) – £8.15

£8.15 £17.99

Cheap Loaded E-liquid 100ml Shortfill bottles with 9 flavours to choose from for just £8.15 using our exclusive discount code for this deal.


loaded eliquid discount e-liquid deal


Using the exclusive Vape Bargains discount coupon code “VAPE20“, you can get 20% off the already-on-sale LOADED E-liquid flavours (9 in total) making them just £8.15 for 100ml of E-liquid in a 120ml bottle, ready for  2 nicotine shots to make it 3mg overall.

Loaded E-Liquid Flavours

Strawberry Jelly Donut by LoadedLoaded Jelly Donut is a sugary puffy donut stuffed with gooey strawberry filling.
Lemon Bar by LoadedLoaded Lemon Bar is inspired by Tarte au citron, nothing beats the delightful citrus flavouring infused with powdered sugar.
Smores by LoadedLoaded Smores is  the newest installed flavor of rich graham cracker topped with cinnamon sugar filled with gooey marshmallow and smooth creamy milk chocolate.
Cookie Butter by LoadedLoaded Cookie Butter inspired by delectable crispy Belgian cookies, blended into a smooth and creamy spread. This is the perfect juice is for all you cookie monsters out there.
Cran-Apple by LoadedLoaded Cran-Apple supplies the delightfull refreshing taste of both cranberry and apple juice. Mixing the sour with the sweet, this is a taste that you cannot beat.
Apple Fritter by LoadedLoaded Apple Fritter is warm freshly glazed apples wrapped up in a sweet fluffy dough and sweetened up with sugary sweet  cinnamon.
Melon Milkshake by LoadedLoaded Melon Milkshake is a perfectly blended mix of the juiciest and fresh melons blended into a silky smooth milkshake and a hint of honey for a sweet a summery aftertaste.
Glazed Donuts by LoadedLoaded Glazed Donuts is a freshly-baked donut treat smothered with warm and gooey sugar glaze.
Cran-Apple Iced by LoadedLoaded Cran-Apple Iced gives t he tart and sweet flavour of cranberries with a blend of red apples and a powerful dosage of menthol keeping things cool for the coming summer months.
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