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10ml Candy Corner E-Liquids (3mg or 6mg) – £1.00

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Cheap Candy Corner 80VG E-Liquids (3mg or 6mg) Deal

candy corner e-liquid cheapest uk deal 10mlLet us sweeten your day with Candy Corner! Choose from 11 different Candy Corner flavours with a PG/VG ratio of 20PG / 80VG and in with Nicotine strengths of either 3mg or 6mg. A broad spectrum of all of your favourite sweets and candies from your youth. The dentist need not worry as all of these are tooth approved!

Candy Corner E-Liquid Flavours


Take all the berries, add a little extra blueberry and combust into this delicious vape. Nostalgically similar to blueberry freezer pops with a citrus finish, if only the sweet shops made this! One part acid, two parts blast… an explosive liquid treat, that disappears real fast!


Blackcurrants smashed together with a revitalising fizzy lemonade. A cordial like blackcurrant inhaling, lemony freshness with a subtly exquisite menthol chill exhaling. Skid along the black ice, blackcurrant lemonade with a menthol chill.


Powder sugar-coated bon boons, straight from the shelf of the Candy Corner. More than candy-like, the blueberry is strong and oh so sweet, wonderfully fluffy cloud vape. Blueberry sweet shop classic reborn.


Freshly grated lemon zest stirred into a cool tall glass of authentic lemonade, super zesty on the inhale with a sweet, yet slightly sour lemon on the exhale. True refreshment lies at this lemonade stand.


There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, mouthwateringly fruity!


This slushie ain’t no puppy! Lemon and lime flavour, super refreshing slushie. Perfect as an ADV.


Kola Tip Top, just like the Panda Pop! Fizzy cola served up the sweetshop way, guzzle a tank or three down real quick… Before anyone else gets their cheeky paws on it! Refreshingly authentic sweetshop cola.


Strong and zesty citrus explodes on the tongue with a sharp kick of sweet lime, developing as you draw. A delicate absinthe lingers in the background, departing into anise. See the little green fairy with a blast of lime.


Whispers of summer fruits delicately dance alongside a classic fizzy lemonade, both mouthwatering and refreshing, all combined in one delicious cloud. An all day vape, for those sweet in the tooth.


This gal is mighty fine! Super smooth, almost creamy in it’s taste, sun ripened pineapple chunks blended together in a decadent, fresh pineapple fruit smoothie. Feeling fruity? Well this pineapple is smooth.


Open wide and take a blast of the rainbow! Imagine wolfing down a full bag at once, super fruity and majorly sweet! Exhaling produces hints of cherries and lime. Taste the rainbow and blow some sweet clouds.


  • 80/20 VG/PG
  • Individual 10ml bottles
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10ml Candy Corner E-Liquids (3mg or 6mg) – £1.00
10ml Candy Corner E-Liquids (3mg or 6mg) – £1.00
£1.00 £3.00
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