10ml Cosmic Fog E-liquid (8 flavours) – £1.00

£1.00 £5.99


Choose from 8 different Cosmic Fog Flavours for just £1.00 each.

Cosmic Fog Flavours

Cosmic Fog: Sonrise - 10mlSonrise eLiquid from Cosmic Fog is a unique take on a frozen Hawaiian drink, with sweet Passion Fruit blended with smooth Kiwi and sharp Pineapples. VG/PG ratio: 70vg/30pg.
Cosmic Fog: Neon Creme - 10mlAll the same Orangey, Lemony, and Berry-ny Cereal goodness, but now in High VG! Now you can start your day the right way with the latest flavour from Cosmic Fog; a fruity cereal mix consisting of Oranges, Lemons, and Red Berries. VG/PG Ratio: 70vg/30pg
Cosmic Fog: Chewberry - 10mlChew Berry from Cosmic Fog is one of the latest additions to their excellent range. Featuring a tasty blend of Bubblegum, Strawberries, and Passionfruit; it's truly a sweet and fruity treat. VG/PG Ratio: 70vg/30pg
Cosmic Fog: Sonset - 10mlSonset eLiquid from Cosmic Fog features a purée of Japanese Nashi Pears, blended with a French inspired Crème Brûlée. The closely guarded recipe is then topped off with a generous portion of soft salted Caramel. VG/PG ratio: 70vg/30pg.
Cosmic Fog: Milk & Honey - 10mlMilk and Honey from Cosmic Fog is difficult to describe... but we're gonna try! It's a fluffy marshmallow drowned in a glass of milk, and finished with a drizzling of sweetened honey on top. VG/PG Ratio: 70vg/30pg
Cosmic Fog: Streek - 10mlHand-picked mountain grown Gaviota strawberries blended with just enough soft creamy Greek yogurt. The perfect balance of two of nature’s finest treats combined in a vape that is sweet, savory and creamy while never edging into the dreaded heaviness all vapers fear. VG/PG ratio: 70vg/30pg.
Cosmic Fog: Baie Creme - 10mlInspired by todays top hybrid fusion chefs, Baie Cream is a custom blended whipped honey cream, delicately blended with the essence of sweet passion fruit and topped with tart, exotic berries. Exclusively mixed in a high VG base to produce only the softest, silkiest and smoothest clouds of pure bliss.
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