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Vapoholic Multi-Buy E-Liquid Shortfill Deal

Vapoholic Cheap Eliquid Deal UK

Vapoholic currently have a special offer on right now where you can buy any 3 of their 120ml e-liquid shortfill range for just £23.97. That’s 360ml in total, including 6 nicotine shots to make your e-liquid 3mg in strength.

Vapoholic is quickly becoming well-known within the industry for the quality of their juice, with both their Ferocious Flavours range of shortfill e-liquids and their officially registered UK Fantasi juice shortfills too. They now offer 30 different flavours for you to choose from, having recently added 3 new flavours to their expanding roster. Both of which are included in this deal.

You will need to add the exclusive Vape Bargains coupon code “VA20BGAX” to get a massive 20% off your order, bringing the price of this deal down to £23.97 (around 80p per 10ml). This is a limited time deal so get them at this price while you can! It’s a great time to stock up while we’re all snowed in!


Fantasi 120ml Shortfill ELiquid

Fantasi UK E-liquid Cheap

Ferocious Flavours 120ml Shortfill ELiquid

Cheap Shortfill E-Liquids from Vapoholic


Vapoholic Flavours


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Apple Fresh, fruity and tasting like it’s picked straight from the tree, our Apple e-juice gives this classic flavour a new lease of life. A good apple vape is hard to beat. Cool, fresh and summery, it’s the ideal flavour when you’re enjoying a warm sunny afternoon – or wishing you were! Fashionable flavours come and go, but apple is always a popular choice. Apple is a classic fruit liquid, painstakingly blended to hit just the right balance of tartness and sweetness. The inhale is crisp and bold, and so authentic you can practically feel your teeth crunching the fruit. There are many apple liquids on the market, but we think ours achieves a whole new level of perfection. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/apple_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309699
Nasty ASAP Grape There’s something about vaping that goes perfectly with the complex flavour of mixed berries. Cool and juicy enough for summer, sweet and rich for colder evenings as winter draws in, and delicious enough to be a fantastic all-day vape the whole year round, berry liquids have been a favourite for years. Berrylicious takes a medley of ripe berry flavours and blends them expertly, giving a tart bite that’s immediately rounded off with plenty of sweetness on the exhale. Exactly what berries are in it? That’s our secret, but you’ll pick up hints of a few favourites! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/nasty_asap_grape_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309709
Berrylicious A refreshing, complex vape that blends tropical richness with sweet decadence – plus a dash of cooling menthol. If you like complex, subtle vapes, this one is for you! It’s a tantalising blend of tropical coconut and deliciously sweet vanilla, finished off with a dash of refreshing menthol chill. Perfectly balanced to let all the flavours shine through, Coconut Vanilla Menthol is a great all day vape or a cool, sophisticated choice for a warm summer afternoon (if we ever get one). cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/berrylicious_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309699
Coconut Vanilla Menthol Take a leading grape-flavoured soft drink, turn it into a perfect sweet, fruity vape and you have our Fantasi Grape. British-made and utterly delicious, you’re going to love it. Fantasi have made a real name for themselves with their perfect recreations of a popular brand of fruity soft drinks, but we know that many vapers prefer to buy British. We’ve listened to that, and created our own take on these popular liquids. Our Fantasi Grape is sweet, sparkling and loaded with fruity flavour; if you’re looking for a UK-made grape soda, this one is exactly what you’re after. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/coconut_vanilla_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309700
Lychee Citrus All the fruity deliciousness of our Fantasi Grape, but extra chilled for maximum freshness on those hot summer days. If you want to make a can of your favourite soft drink even more refreshing on a hot day, what do you do? Chill it, of course! What’s better than that first ice-cold mouthful straight out of the fridge? We’ve recreated that sensation with Fantasi Grape ICE. Starting with the regular Grape, we added a generous quantity of cooling to the mix. Then we tested and adjusted to make sure the balance was just right and the full flavour was still there. The result is a vape that has all the delicious grape taste you’re looking for, plus a real blast of icy chill. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/lychee_citrus_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309708
Fantasi Grape Love the taste of Fantasi Lemonade, but prefer to buy UK-made liquids? Our perfect reproduction is for you! We know that many vapers enjoy Fantasi’s amazing lemonade flavour, but like to support the British vape industry by buying locally-made products wherever possible. That’s the inspiration behind our Fantasi Lemonade liquid. Starting with fresh, zesty lemons, we’ve painstakingly tweaked the recipe to exactly capture the full taste of the original. Mixed in the UK by our expert team, this is as good as lemonade gets. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Grape_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1515419934
Fantasi Grape Ice With all the lemony freshness of our Fantasi Lemonade, but an extra icy chill, this liquid is for vapers who don’t think it’s possible to be too cool. Based on our own UK-made version of Fantasi Lemonade, this juice is packed with fresh, zesty lemons balanced with a subtle sweetness. It has all the citrusy deliciousness of the original Lemonade – but then we added a little something extra. The regular Lemonade is lightly cooled to give it the freshness you’re looking for, but we’ve upped the cooling on this one. Like your lemonade straight out the fridge and so cold the entire atmosphere condenses on your glass? Fantasi Lemonade ICE is for you. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Grape_Ice_bf344122-8406-4365-bd2e-1765c51a97e4_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309703
Fantasi Lemonade Enjoy this classic cocktail as a vape! Cool, sweet and zesty, our Mojito is a tropical sensation with a sparkling icy touch. Cocktails come and go, but the Mojito has stood the test of time – and it also makes a great vape. The signature blend of lime, rum and mint hits all the right spots; the only thing a good Mojito juice is missing is a cool, beaded glass full of crushed ice, but we’ve added a dash of menthol to ours to create the same refreshing chill. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Lemonade_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309703
Fantasi Lemonade Ice Bringing you the intense tropical taste of your favourite Fantasi liquid, but made right here in the UK, our Fantasi Mango is a real fruity sensation. If you love Fantasi’s splendid mango liquid, but prefer to buy UK-made vaping supplies, we have just what you’re looking for. Our mixing experts have worked carefully to recreate the exact taste you’re looking for, and the result is a winner. Packed with luscious, ripe mangos, and lightly cooled to let you taste the freshness, it’s a sweet, smooth vape that hits all the right notes. We think all mango fans are going to love this one! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Lemonade_Ice_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309704
Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice Starting with our delicious Fantasi Mango, we’ve enhanced this with a blast of Arctic chill. Like your tropical fruit drink served on ice? Here you go! Our Fantasi Mango is a delicious vape, loaded with ripe, sweet fruit and lightly cooled to give it a taste that’s always fresh and satisfying. Now we’ve taken the same succulent mangos and cooled them a lot more. This juice is seriously cool. Think cans of mango drink lying on a bed of crushed ice, or mango juice in a glass beaded with chilly moisture. It isn’t possible to make mangos more refreshing than this. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_lime_ice_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309704
Fantasi Mango Cool, sweet and loaded with tangy citrus, this is our take on the Fantasi favourite. Enjoy the classic orange flavour in its latest and greatest incarnation! Orange has been a leading vape flavour for a long time, and Fantasi Orange has quickly become one of the favourite variations on the theme. Recreating the taste of the popular orange-flavoured drink, it’s a real winner. Now we’ve perfected the same taste in our own UK mixing labs. Fresh, fruity and lightly cooled to enhance the flavour, this makes an amazing all-day vape. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Mango_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309704
Fantasi Mango Ice Cool and sparkling, Fantasi Ice Orange evokes the great taste of everyone’s favourite orange soft drink. Most of us love classic soft drinks, but apparently the sugar means they’re bad for us. Luckily Vapoholic have the solution – now you can enjoy the amazing taste of this citrus favourite without those inconvenient calories! Fantasi Ice Orange starts with a generous serving of sweet, sunny Florida orange juice, then tweaks it with a cool sparkling sensation. This means you get the perfect taste of a tall glass of orange soda, with none of that waistline-expanding sugar! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Mango_Ice_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309705
Fantasi Orange Recapture the sparkling taste of your favourite energy drink with this power-packed fizzy vape! Just the taste of this amazing energy drink-inspired vape will give you a huge boost. We’re worked hard to capture the distinctive taste, then perked it up with a generous helping of fizz and a cool fresh exhale. There are many energy drink liquids, but we think this one is something special; it’s an all-day vape packed with delicious motivation. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Orange_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309705
Fantasi Orange Ice A classic cola flavour, with a cool exhale and bags of sparkly fizz on top! To create this juice we spent a lot of time carefully balancing flavour elements to recapture the familiar taste of your favourite cola drink. Then we added some fizz and a dash of icy coolness to it. The result is a perfect replica – and if you’re a fan of the old Cola Bottle sweets, it’s an excellent match to those, too! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Fantasi_Orange_Ice_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309706
Fizzy Bull A classic sugared cereal, swimming in cold fresh milk – this delicious vape might have a breakfast theme, but it’s just as good at any time of day. Frosty Tiger recreates the taste of everyone’s favourite sugar-spangled breakfast flakes. A rich malty base is generously laced with calorie-free sweetness, then splashed with fresh milk. We’ve added a touch of koolada to give it that straight out of the fridge feel. The result is an indulgent breakfast you can load in a tank and enjoy all day. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/fizzy_bull_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309706
Fizzy Cola Experience a fantastic fusion of chill, icy menthol and a medley of sweet fruit with our incredible Fruity Menthol Explosion. When it comes to your vaping experience, contrasts can make all the difference. Fruity Menthol Explosion is built around the contrast between icy menthol and a blend of rich, sweet fruits, expertly blended to blast your tongue with a real Jekyll and Hyde of sensations. Its complex depths make this a perfect all-day vape. It suits any occasion, any mood and even any weather. It’s hard to get the best of both worlds, but with this outstanding juice we really think we’ve achieved it. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/fizzy_cola_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309706
Frosty Tiger If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad you might also enjoy some of the vape flavours influenced by Walter White and his code name – Heisenberg. Some of them are really interesting concepts, and we finally decided to give one the Ferocous Flavours treatment by blending it to perfection. Debonair Heisenberg starts with a selection of bold, juicy berry flavours that give it a complex and intriguing fruit base. On top of that we’ve added a cool absinthe to give it some real bite. This is a liquid that will keep surprising you with its subtleties no matter how often you vape it, and it’s all done with the signature Debonair mixing expertise. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/Frosty_Tiger_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309707
Fruity Menthol Explosion An exotic fruit blend with a refreshing tang, this tropical delight is one you really don’t want to miss. The best fruit vapes are all about contrast, and this one is a perfect example. We took sweet, ripe lychees and blended them with a mix of citrus juices to give it some real bite. With a smooth, rich inhale and a refreshing tangy exhale, this is an unforgettable experience. Getting the balance between sweetness and tartness just right took a lot of work, but one puff and you’ll know why we made the effort! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/fruity_menthol_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309707
Heisenberg Finding the perfect menthol can be difficult. There are plenty menthol juices to choose from, but how many of them are lacking a certain something? Although it’s a simple, classic flavour it seems to be surprisingly hard to get it right. Too minty, too sweet, too bland – the ideal menthol is an elusive beast. Ferocous Flavours Menthol is what you’ve been looking for. Carefully blended, tested, balanced and tested again, this is the final result of our quest for the perfect menthol. Refreshing without being harsh, cooling but not overpowering, our Menthol finally unlocks the full potential of this classic taste. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/heisenberg_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309708
Menthol Rich, sweet and juicy, ASAP Grape is a must if you like complex fruit flavours that deliver a real taste sensation. If you’ve been searching for the perfect grape vape, your quest is over. We’ve had our flavour experts hard at work for months mixing, testing and tweaking this fruity delight, until finally they got it exactly right. No more slightly synthetic grape flavours that don’t quite hit the spot; this is the real thing! Packed with juicy fruit, and delivering a sweet inhale with just a hint of tartness to balance it out, this is a grape liquid like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s rich, refreshing and equally good as a sweet treat or all-day vape. We’re totally confident that ASAP Grape really is the best of the bunch. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/menthol_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309708
Nasty Slow Blow Sweet, juicy pineapple chunks floating in a refreshing lime soda; it’s a simple fruit blend, but packs an amazing punch. We created this liquid as a tribute to the original by Nasty Juice. Starting with succulent pineapple, we blended it with a cool, tangy lime soda to create a delicious contrast between sweet and citrus notes. Mild and fresh, this is a perfect juice for when you want the taste of summer – and you can enjoy it all year round. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/nasty_slow_blow_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309709
Nasty Wicked Haze Fresh and fruity, Wicked Haze is a blackcurrant lemonade with a cool, sparkling twist. Sweet blackcurrants and sharp lemonade is a tempting combination, and we promise that Wicked Haze is one temptation it’s definitely worth giving in to. This is a vape packed with complexity and contrasts, and a taste sensation so good you’ll come back to it again and again. We started with a fresh, tart lemonade base, then infused it with ripe, juicy blackcurrant. The finishing touch is a dash of koolada to give it the cool sparkle every good lemonade should have. With a tank full of Wicked Haze, you’ll feel like it’s summer all year round. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/nasty_wicked_haze_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309711
Pink Lemonade A refreshing classic summer drink, re-imagined as a flavour-packed vape. Loads of tart lemon and fruity goodness combine in a dazzling taste experience. Whoever invented pink lemonade was a genius. Blending the citrus bite of lemons with the sweetness of ripe red berries created a drink that’s as delicious as it is refreshing. Now we’ve recreated that taste with our very own Pink Lemonade vape. The distinctive zing of fresh lemonade is balanced by a medley of sweet fruit, cutting the tartness and achieving a perfect balance. The result is a vape you can enjoy all day, whenever you need the taste of summer! cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/pink_lemonade_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309712
Sex on The Beach A luxurious taste sensation loaded with sweet peach schnapps, tangy orange, cranberries and a hint of vodka bite, this classic cocktail flavour is all about pleasure. Recreating this fun-loving cocktail was a challenge, but we think we’ve done a great job. The base is a fresh, tangy orange juice; to that we’ve added some characterful cranberries, a generous helping of sweet and silky peach schnapps, and of course some vodka flavour to give it a bit of punch. Gloriously complex, and perfectly balanced to give each flavour note a chance to shine, Sex on the Beach captures the original so perfectly you can almost feel the sand. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/sex_on_the_beach_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309713
Strawberry Milkshake Rich, creamy and generously flavoured with ripe fruit, our sweet dairy delight makes a perfect all-day vape. If you’re looking for a smooth, delicious vape juice, your search is over. Our Strawberry Milkshake is a glorious creation that blends cool milk, ice cream and a generous helping of sweet, juicy strawberries into a delicious taste experience. Rich and sweet enough to brighten a wet day, and cooling enough for a sunny afternoon, it’s a great candidate for your new all-day vape. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/strawberry_milkshake_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309715
Vanilla Custard Delight Enjoy the ultimate custard with this warm, rich premium blend – sweet, creamy and Vanilla custard is one of the surprise favourites of the vaping revolution. Who would have thought that this simple, classic dessert would turn out to work so perfectly as a vape flavour? Well, it does! There are many custard liquids to choose from, all offering their own unique twist on the idea. This is ours. Vanilla Custard starts with a smooth, creamy custard base that’s balanced to perfection - sweet without being sticky. Our flavour wizards then blended in just the right amount of warm vanilla, delivering that irresistible flavour that you all know and love. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/vanilla_custard_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309715
Whiskey Coffee This sophisticated vape focuses on a bold, biting whiskey flavour, enhanced with a rich dark roast coffee. Sweet vapes aren’t for everyone, but they are very popular; that can make it difficult to find a really good juice that appeals to different tastes. If you’re looking for a liquid that’s less heavy on the sugar, our Whiskey Coffee is for you. It’s more whiskey than coffee, with a distinctive smoky, almost bitter note, backed up by a dark undertone of well-roasted beans. Unique and powerful, this is one you’ll come back to time after time. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/whiskey_coffee_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309716
Zesty Citrus Lemonade Loaded with lemons, this juice is a taste explosion of sparkle and freshness. If you’re a fan of citrus vapes you’re going to love it! Citrus fruits have given us many of the classic vape flavours, and there’s a good reason for that – done well, they can be amazing. Sadly not all of them are done well, so we set out to make a great lemonade juice. After applying all our mixing wizardry to the task, we’ve come up with a sparkling masterpiece that perfectly balances tart lemons with a sweet undertone to deliver bags of taste and refreshment. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2630/4540/products/zesty_citrus_lemonade_150x.progressive.jpg?v=1514309717
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3 x 120ml Shortfill E-Liquids (including Nic shots) – £23.97 at Vapoholic
3 x 120ml Shortfill E-Liquids (including Nic shots) – £23.97 at Vapoholic
£23.97 £30.00
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