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ExpiredKavemans Juice 180ml – Free Nic Shot – £14.99

Kaveman Juice
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Kaveman Juice 180ml


Grape Soda


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Grr…ape is another one added to our summer collection. A nice  juice red grape with hints of soda and other secret bits and bobs. If you love grape, you will be Grr..Ape after this!



Apple Sourz


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Imagine kaveman’s face when he stumbled across a very special fruit which shined with the most lush green he had ever seen! After climbing up the tree he picked a couple of the green round fruits and got stuck in. What he found was a tangy, juicy, sweet sensation that knocked  him for six! Our Green Apple Sourz is just that,  a truly fruity inhale with tangy green apple notes and an exhale of sweet smooth fruit with a little kick for good measure!




Something a little different this time. Bannga is a Banana and Gingerbread Custard. Warm Gingerbread with a ripe banana and vanilla custard. 


Blue Doh


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kaveman tends to head to the Doughnut shop more than he should. Along with his dozen of DamnJO’s he always grabs a couple of blue Doh’s too. Who could resist the freshly baked taste of Doughnuts with a Blueberry jelly filling. kaveman is happy!


Chocca Chocca



kaveman is known for his chocolate vapes. Well here is his Mint Choc Chip…NAILED! 


Chocca Latte



What can we say. You’ll need to ask kaveman the story behind this one. A rich milk chocolate with a cappuccino hit and topped with whipped cream. 


Go Go Guava



Go Go Guava- Fresh pink and green Guava’s blended with Lime and finished with a candy balance. If your looking for your summer vape, Go Go Gadget, Go Go Guava


Likey Lychee




Likey Lychee – Is a fresh fruity blend based on Sweet and Sour Lychee, Lemonade and a little fizz and mint to wrap it all up! A great refreshing summer vape.





Strooby – Everyone loves a good Strawberry juice. Our Strooby is a fruity, sweet Strawberry chewy candy which is a perfect all day vape! 


Yum Yum


Image result for kaveman Yum Yum

kaveman was about to enjoy his favourite jurassic movie and fancied some ice cream. Just as he was about to serve himself a big bowl full. The volcano in the distance erupted and the tremors shook kaveman’s home to the point where his Ice Cream turned to a creamy Vanilla and Strawberry Milkshake. kaveman impressed, kaveman likey!


1) 50ml ZERO NICOTINE – If your order ZERO NICOTINE the bottle will be filled to 50ml and you will also receive a 10ml 0mg VG shot, Add this into the bottle to make up the 60ml.

2) 50ml ZERO NICOTINE plus 1 x 10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot – You can add a FREE TPD Compliant Nicotine shot below. By adding a 10ml 18mg Nic Shot – This total 60ml bottle volume will be 3mg in Nicotine Strength.


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Kavemans Juice 180ml – Free Nic Shot – £14.99
Kavemans Juice 180ml – Free Nic Shot – £14.99
£14.99 £44.97
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