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ExpiredAsmodus Lustro 200w Box Mod – £50.99 after code

£50.99 £70 GET THIS DEAL

The all new Asmodus Lustro! Asmodus brands new flagship box mod, featuring industry first technological firsts that are sure to change the way we vape forever!

Asmodus Lustro 200W Vape Box Mod UK best price

Asmodus Lustro 200w Vape Box Mod

The all-new Asmodus Lustro is the Asmodus brands’ new flagship box mod, featuring industry-first technological feats that are sure to change the way we vape forever! The Lustro is a feature-packed next generation vape mod!

The Lustro is Asmodus’ latest and greatest box mod, incorporating several innovations that we feel will change the world of vaping forever, starting a trend of advanced, high-tech devices with features that turn a vaporizer from a simple nicotine-delivery device into a modern piece of technology similar to a smartphone or laptop.


Asmodus Lustro Mod Discount Code

Use the discount code “THANKYOU15” to bring the price down from £60 to £50.99




Asmodus Lustro 200w Vape Mod Colours Available

Asmodus Lustro 200W Vape Mod Colours - Black, White, Yellow and Red

Asmodus Lustro IR Sensor


Asmodus Lustro 200w Box Mod Features

Hands-free Vaping

The Lustro features an incredible IR sensor that allows you to navigate the menu without even touching the device, making it the first hands-free box mod ever!

One of the standout elements of the Lustro is the inclusion of an IR (infrared) sensor that allows for a futuristic hands-free method of control that does not require the user to use the touch screen to interact with their device, turning your everyday vaping session into something you would see in a sci-fi movie. By simply waving your hand in front of the device you may navigate through the menu or switch firing modes, an affair that you must experience for yourself to believe.

Although we’re incredibly proud of this aspect of the Lustro, you are able to switch it off if you like. While we try to revolutionize the vaping industry, we won’t force you to use a method of interaction that you don’t like.



Asmodus Lustro 200w FlashlightMulti-purpose LED light

A unique LED  indicator at the bottom of the device lights up and can change colour based on the duration of your hit, so you can stay in control of how you vape without being fixed to the display, this also doubles up as a handy flashlight!

The color-changing LED stripe located to the left of the display provides a degree of personalization that grants the user the ability to make each Lustro their own, lighting up either green, red, or blue gradually from the bottom to the top as the mod fires, giving the user an easy way to estimate just how long their hits are without keeping their eyes glued to the display. Behind the firing, the button is another LED that will always match the colour of the stripe and can be set to stay lit for up to 10 seconds after the mod stops firing.

As well as providing a unique external style, together these lights act as an alert system that notifies the user that their device is being activated due to accidental contact with an object or a malfunction, providing an extra layer of protection against burnt cotton and venting batteries. In addition to these two colour LEDs that activate upon firing, the Lustro is also equipped with a flashlight on the bottom of the device that has two levels of brightness, a tool that will prove useful in countless situations.



Incredible Power and Beautiful Full-Colour Display

With its massive 200w of power and a sports car speedometer inspired full-colour OLED display is simply the icing on the cake!

Cheapest Asmodus Lustro 200W Vape Box Mod in the UK

Driven by the GX-200-HUT chipset and powered by two high-drain 18650 Li-ion batteries, the Lustro is able to output a potential maximum of 200 watts and features an easy to read speedometer inspired colour touchscreen. Cycling through the firing modes can be done by using the aforementioned IR sensor hands-free method of control, or by swiping the mode option located at the top of the screen, similar to the Spruzza and the Colossal.

A full range of firing modes ensures that the Lustro is as versatile as possible, with variable wattage, power curve, and temperature control modes as well as adjustable TCR and TFR. In VW mod, three ramping options are available: Soft, Medium, and Hard, each providing a different experience even with the same wattage setting selected. Curve mode is a unique firing mode that makes use of five separate wattage and time settings that allow the firing cycle to be tailored to one’s individual preferences or set to emulate temperature control. Example: First-second can be set to burst at 90w then level down to 75w, then sit at 60w for the rest of your vape.

Perfect for the massive prebuilt coils that have become commonplace, this firing mode provides a ramp time that can be fine-tuned to achieve optimum performance from your specific build. Temperature control presets included on the Lustro are settings for NI200, SS316, SS317, SS304, and titanium heating elements.



The Lustro really leaves the competition in the dust, an affordable box mod technologically superior to anything available today, built Asmodus’ tried and tested quality manufacturing process to give you a box that simply works time after time.


 Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod - YellowUsing the Asmodus Lustro 200W Vape Mod:

Adjusting wattage:

You can unlock the Lustro mod by swiping your finger down the touchscreen, you can then select the plus and minus symbols to adjust the wattage, then press the fire button to lock the wattage and start vaping!

Accessing the menu:

The Asmodus Lustro is a fully touch screen box mod, to access the menu use the fire button and press 5 times consecutively to access the main menu, then simply swipe left or right to access the different sub menus.

Switching firing modes:

You can switch between the different firing modes by simply unlocking the screen and then swiping left or right to cycle through the different firing modes. In temperature, mod holds the TEMP icon for 2 seconds to change between the different wire types.


Asmodus Lustro 200W Vape Mod Product Specifications

  • Requires 2x 18650 sized batteries (not included)
  • Touchscreen type: Capacitive Screen; Requires the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where the screen is touched
  • Wattage range (Power mode): 5W – 200W
  • Wattage range (TC modes): 5W – 120W
  • Temperature control range: 212° – 572°F / 100° – 300°
  • Atomizer ohm range: 0.1 – 2.5 ohm
  • Max output voltage: 7.5V
  • Peak output current: 45A
  • Charging parameters: DC 5V/1A
  • Upgradeable firmware
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Asmodus Lustro 200w Box Mod – £50.99 after code
Asmodus Lustro 200w Box Mod – £50.99 after code
£50.99 £70
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