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Big Breakfast 100ml short fill – £8.99

£8.99 £14.99
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Big Breakfast 100ml short fill

List of Flavors:

Trickz – Flavor chaser, it’s your time to shine. Tiny bits of sweet, fruit flavored cereal comes together to make a medley of yummy cereal goodness that’s an adventure in every bite. Trickz is the kids cereal we all remember as being better than dessert and would give you an extra pep…

Boo! – This spooky, sweet Halloween cereal is now a year long treat. Boo takes blueberry flavored corn puff cereal and blends it in with a healthy dose of marshmallows. This delicious, fun vape juice was made by Big Breakfast E Liquid for a blast from the past of nostalgic childhood…

Flakes – Scrumptious little flakes of crunchy corn cereal topped with a sugary sweet, hardened glaze. Big Breakfast E Liquid made a recreation of the popular breakfast cereal that’s like a treat in a bowl! Enjoy this classic flavor that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your breakfast cereal cravings all…

Clapton Crunch – That familiar sweet cereal that gives maximum crunch and munch! Big Breakfast E Liquid has made this carbon copy of this staple breakfast treat that you loved as a child and probably still love as an adult. Clapton Crunch provides you with all of that delicious fruity cereal flavor without…

Lucky – A delicious adventure full of flavor and clouds. Lucky is exactly like the favorite cereal chock full of charm shaped marshmallows. Big Breakfast E Liquid believes that breakfast flavored vape juices should be fun, nostalgic and delicious. Reach for this everything you want something special.

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