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Coil Star Bundle 5x 60ml – £16.99

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Coil Star Candy Pack e Liquid Bundle

Coil Star Candy Pack – A great way to save on some of our most popular juices! Each Candy Pack E Juice Bundle contains one of each of the following juices:

Coil Star Gummi B – Everyones favourite gummy style omnivorous mammal in liquid form, this is for those with the sweet tooth.

Coil Star Lemon Sherbert – We all know and love the mighty Sherbet Lemon.

Coil Star Pear Drops – Who would have thought that of all the fruit you can get, the flavour of the humble pear would become such a classic, iconic sweet!

Coil Star Rainbow Candy – Mouth watering candy that everyone knows and loves.

Coil Star Strawberry Chewers – There are no chews chewier then this (allegedly).

Please note, if one flavour is out of stock a replacement flavour will be included in its place.

About the Coil Star range:

Each Coil Star e juice is a Vapour Depot Labs product. A range of our colourful and vibrant flavours which have been popular over the last few years. These juices are full of flavour, easy on the wallet and have no added sweetener.

These bottles of Coil Star contains 50ml of nicotine free eLiquid, with space to add 10ml of your chosen base.

Directions of use:

Nicotine Free: This Coil Star Shortfill e Liquid does not contain nicotine. If you do not add a nicotine shot to your purchase, we will include 1 nicotine free boosters to your package. Simply add the 10ml booster to the Juice and shake, resulting in a full 60ml nicotine free eLiquid.

1.5mg: 1 9mg/ml nicotine booster shot. Add this to the nicotine free juice to make a full 60ml of 1.5mg/ml eLiquid.

3mg: The nicotine booster shot is 18mg/ml strength. Add these to the nicotine free juice to make a full 60ml of 3mg/ml eLiquid.

Please ensure you shake well if you have chosen to add a nicotine booster into the juice.

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