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Dr Frost 100ml – £10.99

£10.99 £19.99

Grape Ice – Lose your head in the frozen grape tundra, Sweet purple icicles are sheered down by Dr. Frost and kept cold for your enjoyment.

Blue Raspberry Milkshake – The Frosts favorite. Lush blue raspberries with fresh whole milk and a secret Dr.Frost ingredient. A shake vape not to be forgotten.

Strawberry Ice – Plucked straight from the permafrost then crushed into juicy, red ice lollies. This cool refreshing strawberry treat is just what the Doctor ordered.

Orange Mango – Only Dr.Frost knows the recipe for this glacial blend of crisp tangerine and frozen mango. Prescribed for that ultimate white-out feeling.

Watermelon Ice – Fleshy Watermelons are frozen solid with one touch from the Frost. An arctic experience to soothe your vaping needs.

Candy Cane Bubblegum – A brand new candy cane like no other. Chew you way though this soft, moreish bubblegum delight.

Candy Cane Raspberry – Exquisite red and white candy canes swirling in a delicious raspberry syrup. Dr Frost sweet tooth therapy

Banana Milkshake – Ripe bananas frozen from polar transit, are then combined with whipped cream and blended into a fresh satisfying dessert milkshake.

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