Element NS20 Pods – £4.99 At TABlites

£4.99 £9.99

Element NS20 Pods
Prices slashed due to Short Shelf Life

For use with the fantastic Aspire Gusto!

Element E-Liquid presents a range of their most popular flavours made with nicotine salt!

Nicotine salt is a processed form of nicotine that is much less harsh on the throat than the standard nicotine used in e-liquid, meaning you can enjoy higher strength juices and still get a smooth and pleasant vape!

Because nicotine salt is absorbed by the body much more easily than standard nicotine it allows these e-liquids to provide a satisfying nicotine hit which is similar to what traditional cigarettes provide. What this means is you will find yourself using your e-cig less often and still having a satisfying amount of nicotine.

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