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General eliquids 50ml Shortfill – £8.99

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General eliquids 50ml Shortfill

Custard- This is straight from the Generals private supply. Creamy yumminess in a bottle.Yes – it’s a vanilla custard flavour, but it’s been promoted to the next level by the General and his staff using military grade ingredients and hi-tec fusion bonding techniques. E-liquid never tasted so good!

Field Rations- Napoleon said that an army marches on it’s stomach, and he was right.Our favourite cake (it’s not a biscuit!) is the mighty Jaffa Cake. We love them so much that we have re-created the flavour so that we can vape them as well as eat them!!Get yourself some spongy, orangey, chocolatey goodness, sit back and enjoy.

Blue-Beret Sours- The Blue Beret is worn by military personnel all over the world, most notably the UN Peace Keeping forces. This Blue-Beret is not here to keep the peace – it’s here to kick off a riot of flavours in your mouth!! You’ll get a delicious combination of sweet blueberry with just enough sour flavouring to make you pull a face and then go ‘hmmmm – tasty’!!

Lemon Sentry- Our most recent visit to Baker Street concluded with The General sitting in the parlour with Holmes and Watson, vaping away on our e-pipes.Suddenly, Watson exclaimed ‘My God Holmes, this new juice is divine. It is just like lemon drizzle cake – I’m getting the lemons, the lovely cake mix and even the icing drizzle on top. What is it? Holmes took a moment, wafted away a plume of vapour and replied, ‘It’s Lemon Sentry, my dear Watson, Lemon Sentry’ 😉

Brigadier- Brigadier Barnstormer is The Generals adjutant.Long periods of pen-pushing whilst eating his favourite foam banana sweets have let him in a sorry state.We decided to create the perfect alternative for him – Brigadier B. This combination of flavours will take you right back to your childhood and is the perfect calorie-free alternative to your sweet shop fix – yummy!!

The B-Bomb- The Americans created the A-Bomb. No-one really likes to drop the C-Bomb. Well, OK, sometimes we do!!
Here at Generals Juices, we have created the B-Bomb.This is a blend of succulent, mouth-watering blackcurrant fused with just enough menthol to keep things cool and interesting. It’s taken a while to perfect this to get the balance just right. We think it’s spot on, as many of our customers do too.Go on – try it and give yourself an explosion of happiness. You deserve it. Just remember to never cut the blue wire!

Sniper- Every army needs a great Sniper. Ours is called Kevin. He honed his skills by taking the tops off fizzy drink bottles and destroying sugar cubes at 500 yards. The resultant mixture inspired us to make this juice.Delicious and refreshing cola flavour with some extras to give it some zing. We were so grateful to Kevin that we named this juice after him (well, sort of! Who’d vape a juice called Kevin??)

Lieutenant Limey – We sent Lieutenant Lemon on a top secret assignment to Florida. We were unaware that our plans had been leaked and Lt Lemon was walking into a trap! When he came back he wasn’t the same. It was the colour we noticed at first – Lime Green! Then the scent of Key Lime Pie wafted through the air and we knew we’d totally lost Lemon forever! We don’t dare to think what they did to him, but we’re secretly glad they did 😉 Get yourself a slice of Florida with this sweet yet tangy e-liquid.

War and Peach- Our War and Peach is a fantastically fruity blend of peach supported by watermelon, mango and melon. But it’s the peach that’s the star of the show and you’ll probably end up hunting through the cupboards for some cream to go with it :).Peach. Mmmm. I can eat a peach for hours…

20:03HRS- Synchronise watches soldier. Last time we checked, it was just before 8. It’s now just After….This is a layered blend of chocolate and mint flavours that combine perfectly to give you the taste of that lovely square chocolate. Be warned though – The General hates it when you put the empty wrappers back in the box!!

Fusilier Fruitbowl- First we take apples, grapes, bananas and bunch of other tropical fruits.Then we send them down to the Evil Boffins in our lab, who irradiate them and perform some experiments on them that we’d rather not talk about ;)Then we send them on holiday for a bit of a lie down.When they get back, we turn them into this zingy, fruit packed e-juice, just for you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you.

The Deserter- In 2014 Sgt Strawberry Cheesecake was sent away for a crime they didn’t commit.They promptly escaped from the maximum security stockade and made their way to the vaping underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as strawberries of fortune. If you need sweet tasting, delicious strawberry e-juice and if no-one else can help, you can buy them from here. We call them an e-liquid hero – the Government calls them The Deserter.


70:30 VG:PG

These juice are 50ml 0mg and are nic shot compatible 1 x 18mh nic shot will make 60ml of 3mg juice

What’s in the box:

1x General eliquids 50ml Shortfill

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