Juice 100ml Short fill – £8.99

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Juice 100ml Short fill

Juice short fills is a popular range consisting of 3 spectacular flavours. This particular brand of short fill e-liquids come from the same genius minds as the Vape Breakfast Classics team and by no surprise all three flavours are sensational.

Flavours Available


Fresh Apple Juice

Fresh apple short fill e-liquids are becoming more and more popular with vapors who have a certain sweet tooth. This short fill doesn’t taste too sugary but has just the right amount of sweetness to it to make it turn into delicious cloudy apple juice.


Fresh Grapefruit Juice

The fresh grapefruit juice short fill offers a sweet-tart handpicked and freshly squeezed taste of grapefruit when vaped. The sweet smell of this cloud vapour is truly a delicious one.


Fresh Orange Juice

The orange short fill by juice brings you a handpicked tangy orange flavour which encourages you to believe the oranges have been freshly squeezed into a refreshing orange juice, what more could you want when you first wake up!

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