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King Cloudz Premium

One of the best brands of Malaysian Eliquid, King Cloudz, known for its sublime taste. Not only does their sub ohm range taste great, but its also gives huge amounts of vapour.

Whichever flavour you choose from King Mango to Triple B, it’s easy to see why King Cloudz is so popular.

Triple B: – Blueberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant flavours coming through in that order when you inhale with a medium menthol taste making it even better.

Queen Mango – An unripened taste of green mango flavour with a cool refreshing mint taste to it.

King Mango – The ripest juiciest mango flavoured vaping juice you will ever try!! Complete mango experience from inhale to exhale.

Blueberry Peach – Sweet tasting inhale of blueberries with a juicy peach taste on exhale.

Raspberry – Inhale a fresh mouthful of raspberries that dance on your tongue with a sweet but sour exhale taste.

OPL – Orange, Pineapple, Lychee mixture with rich orange inhale flavour with a kick of pineapple and a lychee end flavour.

Mango Grape – Specially brewed for mango lovers, taste the fresh and sweet Australian mango with fresh red grapes.

Red Apple – Refreshing crisp taste of red apples and an exhale taste with a hint of mint.

Green Apple – Tart crisp taste of delicious fresh granny smith apples with every puff.

Orange – Crisp clean tangy taste with cool refreshing twist of orange citrus flavour.

Honeydew – Sweet muskmelon mixed along with a bit cooling on the exhale with a slight mint taste.

Grape – Great taste of red grape with a end taste of low mint.

Lychee – Exotic juicy sweet taste of lychee paired with a distinct floral and a cool milky flavour.

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