Kingston 100ml E-Liquid – £3.99

£3.99 14.99

Kingston 100ml E-Liquid Short Fill


Kingston 100ml - Apple & Blackcurrant

Kingston Fantango Apple & Blackcurrant

Crispy combination of sweet apples and sharp blackcurrants; with a gentle breeze of menthol.

Kingston 100ml - Cherry Cola

Kingston Cola Cherry Cola

Refreshing beverage of fizzy cola and sweet cherries.

Kingston 100ml - Classic Cola

Kingston Cola Classic Cola

Brilliantly bubbly beverage made up of sweet, refreshing cola.

Kingston 100ml - Grapeberry

Kingston Fantango Grapeberry

Cheerful combination of fresh berries and sharp grapes, finished off with a hint of menthol.

Kingston 100ml - Lemon & Lime

Kingston Fantango Lemon & Lime

Refreshing citrus blast of sweet and tangy, with a dash of menthol.

Kingston 100ml - Mango Cola

Kingston Cola Mango Cola

Prefect blend between ripe, juicy mangoes and a refreshing cola fizz.

Kingston 100ml - Orange & Mango

Kingston Fantango Orange & Mango

Tropical mixture of fresh mangoes and sharp oranges, with a refreshing amount of menthol.

Kingston 100ml - Raspberry Cola

Kingston Cola Raspberry Cola

A refreshing blend of sweet and tangy raspberries bubbling in a fresh and fizzy cola.

Kingston 100ml - Strawberry Lime

Kingston Fantango Strawberry Lime

Packed full of fresh strawberries, with notes of ripe limes throughout, brought together with a hint of menthol.

Kingston 100ml - Vanilla Cola

Kingston Cola Vanilla Cola

Classic combination of cream and cola. The sweet notes throughout the fizzy beverage provide an excellent balance to this flavour.

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