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Mix Juice E-Liquid 1200ml Bundle Deal – £65.01

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Mix Juice E-Liquid 1200ml Bundle Deal

Mix Juice is please to offer this amazing deal until August 19th 20 x 50ml Short Fills including 20 x 10ml Nic Shots, below is a collection of different flavours you can add, you can choose from you can mix them up or choose the same flavours.

blue raspberry slush

Mix Juice Blue Raspberry Slush 50ml Short Fill

Everybody loves an iced Blue Slush.  The perfect drink when the weather is baking hot and you need something super sweet and super cool to keep you feeling good.  Well, this Mix Juice Blue Raspberry Slush is no different.  A gorgeously refreshing blend of Blueberries and Raspberries is the perfect all day vape for sunny days and rainy days alike.

Mix Juice Butterscotch Pudding 50ml Short Fill

If you love Butterscotch Pudding you’ll love this!  Our Butterscotch Pudding e-liquid is a sweet, incredibly moreish, amazingly faithful recreation of a classic, much loved dessert.  Once you start on this one you’ll struggle to put it down.  Heaven in an e-liquid.

dark fruits eliquid

Mix Juice Dark Fruit Slush 50ml Short Fill

Blackcurrant and Blackberry juices are combined to create this Dark Fruits slush e-liquid.  Perfect for vaping all day during hot, lazy summer days and pairing with your favourite cider.  The luscious combination of ripe fruit juices and a refreshing hit are going to keep you vaping tank after tank of this divine vape juice.

Mix Juice Mango Slush 50ml Short Fill

A tropical taste sensation – our Mango Slush e-liquid is a simple concoction of ripe, juicy mangoes crushed and blended to create a luscious slush vape juice that you won’t be able to put down.  One hit of this and you’ll be whisked away to your own private island.

parma slush e liquid

Mix Juice Parma Slush 50ml Short Fill

If you love the famous Parma Violets sweets you will love this Parma Slush vape juice.  A simple but great tasting infusion of the famous violet flavour with a refreshing after taste  – blended together to create an original tasting e-liquid.

red slush vape juice

Mix Juice Red Fruit Slush 50ml Short Fill

Our Mix Juice Red Fruit Slush is a highly refreshing, tongue tingling blend of Red Berries.  A sublimely sweet e-liquid with a refreshing after hit that’s perfect for all day vaping.  Completely moreish and very addictive, you will love this Red Slush vape juice!

Mix Juice Apple & Blackberry Pie 50ml Short Fill

Straight from the Mix Juice bakery comes our Apple and Blackberry Pie.  A warm blend of ripe Apples and juicy Blackberries complimented nicely by a buttery pastry base.  So good you’ll want to mix it with custard and eat it!  But don’t, stick it in your tank or coat your cotton with it and vape away to dessert heaven.

Mix Juice Banana n Cherry Milkshake 50ml Short Fill

Our Banana N Cherry Milkshake is just that – a rich, creamy Banana Milkshake base with a cherry twist.  Smooth, more-ish and full of flavour.  A gorgeous e-liquid that any milkshake lover will love!

Mix Juice Candy Cane 50ml Short Fill

Our Candy Cane e-liquid is the most faithful recreation of the classic Christmas treat available. We know nothing comes close to this one.  A sweet peppermint e-liquid that’s just too good for one month of the year – so we’ve made it available all year round.

Mix Juice Fruit Chew 50ml Short Fill

Our Fruit Chew e-liquid is a faithful re-creation of a much loved sweet.  A sweet that’s been around for years.  A melody of fruits, a cocktail of ripe offerings from mother nature – a fruit salad, if you will.  Our Fruit Chew is all that and more.  A mix of fruits with a very slight hint of vanilla, a fruit chew you can vape.

Mix Juice Grape & Raspberry 50ml Short Fill

Grape e-liquids are very popular.  Raspberry e-liquids are also very popular.  So we wondered what would happen if you blended the two together?  Heaven in a bottle – that’s what!  This incredibly more-ish, sublimely sweet e-liquid is sure to become one of your new favourites. If you like our Blue Raspberry, you’ll love this!  Absolutely jam packed with sweetness and great tasting goodness.  A vape juice you’ll adore.

Mix Juice Green Energy Drink 50ml Short Fill

This Green Energy Drink e-liquid won’t keep you going through the night – but it will tingle and enliven your taste buds with its full flavoured taste.  Absolutely packed with flavour, Mix Juice Green Energy Drink is a vape juice based on those popular caffeine packed energy drinks.  A great tasting e-liquid that will keep you coming back for more!

Mix Juice Lemon & Lime Drink 50ml Short Fill

Our Lemon and Lime Drink e-liquid is a refreshing take on those well known, citrus blend soft drinks.  A smooth hit of zesty Lemon complimented nicely by sharply sweet Limes – mixed together to create a lovely, summery vape juice.

Mix Juice Lots 0’Bubblegum 50ml Short Fill

Lots O’ Bubblegum is a lovely, bubbly vape juice based on that iconic flavour from almost everyone’s childhood.  From classic bubble-gum sweets, bubble-gum flavour ice cream and bubble-gum flavoured treats, this is a flavour almost everybody will recognise.  An authentic, great tasting representation of a well-known and immensely popular flavour – just better!

Mix Juice Scottish Fizz 50ml Short Fill

Scotland’s “other” national drink (after whiskey).  The well-known, bright orange soft drink is an iconic symbol of Scotland and we think our faithful recreation will do ye proud!   We cannae think of a better e-liquid than our Scottish Fizz.  A fruity, sweet and great tasting e-liquid that you’ll struggle to put down!

Mix Juice Strawberry & Lime 50ml Short Fill

Love Strawberry Laces or Strawberry gummy sweets?  Then you’ll love this e-liquid.  This blend of ripe strawberries and zesty limes creates a sweet tasting e-liquid that’s very reminiscent of old school sweet treats.

Mix Juice Vanilla Toffee Cheesecake 50ml Short Fill

Cheese cake lovers – this is the e-liquid for you!  A divine, decadent Vanilla Toffee Cheesecake perfectly recreated in e-liquid form.   A beautiful mix of rich toffee and fragrant vanilla cream cheese on a buttery biscuit base.  An exquisite e-liquid – perfect for the dessert lovers.

Mix Juice Cinnamon Apple Crumble 50ml Short Fill

Old school dessert lovers rejoice, this one tastes just like Grandma used to make!  The taste of succulent, ripe apples dusted with a touch of cinnamon and covered with a heavy layer of beautifully baked. buttery crumble topping is what you can expect from this classic e-liquid.  The three flavours combine perfectly – making you feel like you’ve just eaten a big bowl Apple Crumble fresh from the kitchen!

Mix Juice Gummy Cola 50ml Short Fill

One of the most iconic sweets of all time now in vape juice form!  Our Gummy Cola e-liquid captures the taste of sweet shop cola bottles without getting your fingers sticky or destroying your teeth!  An authentic tasting all day vape that will remind you of your younger years!

Mix Juice Lemon Drizzle Cake 50ml Short Fill

Even Mary Berry would love this one!  Lemon Drizzle Cake has exploded into popular culture in recent years thanks to that televised baking competition (admit it, you know the one!) – and now we’ve captured that taste with our cake flavoured liquid.  The Lemon Drizzle Cake vape juice blends soft, airy spongecake with a zesty citrus taste and sweet lemon icing into an e-liquid that’s set to be a future classic!

Mix Juice Orangeade 50ml Short Fill

Who loves Orange Soda?  W, w, weeeee love Orange Soda!  Ok, we’re not American – and this is Orangeade, but we still love it!  Our Orangeade e-liquid is exactly that, a juice packed with the flavour of ripened, juicy summer oranges with a very subtle touch of koolada, giving the liquid an effervescent, fizzy taste.  Kel would definitely love this!

Mix Juice Mango Ice 50ml Short Fill

Following on the from the success of our much loved Peach Ice, we thought we’d bring you another simple fruit and menthol combo.  This time we chose one the planets juiciest and tastiest fruits – the Mango!  This e-liquid is a very pleasurable all day vape that will leave your taste buds in a tropical daze; demanding you vape more!  And you will!

Mix Juice Pineapple And Passion Fruit 50ml Short Fill

Prepare to get taken away to a tropical paradise with our Pineapple and Passion Fruit e-liquid!  This one absolutely bursts with flavour.  A combination of juicy pineapple and luscious Passion Fruit that is an absolute delight to vape.  A powerful, full flavoured liquid that’s exceptionally moreish and very hard to put down!

Mix Juice Summer Fruits Cider 50ml Short Fill

Could there BE a better summer vape than this?  Probably not!  Our Summer Fruits Cider is a refreshing blend of traditional Apple Cider and ripened mixed berries creating a very familiar warm weather flavour.  Of course you can vape this all year round, but sitting in a beer garden in the blazing sun with a cold pint is where this e-liquid really shines!

Mix Juice Coconut Puff Puff 50ml Short Fill

Sweet, light and delightfully moreish, if Coconut is your thing then this is the liquid for you.  Based on the taste of a sweet Macaroon; the Coconut Puff Puff e-liquid is a creamy blend of Coconut and sugar.  Simple, just like the cake it’s based on, and just as good!  There’s a reason Macaroons are known around the world – everybody loves them!

Mix Juice BlackJack 50ml Short Fill

No description needed on this one!  If Blackjack Sweets are your thing then this is absolutely the e liquid for you.  As close to the real thing that you’re ever going to get.  A truly authentic and nostalgic vape.


Mix Juice Blueberry Donut 50ml Short Fill

We really feel that we’ve knocked it out of the park with this one!  Our Blueberry Donut e-liquid is rich in cakey, doughy goodness and embellished with a lingering, beautifully sweet Blueberry jam centre that stays around long after you’ve exhaled.  An e-liquid that is set to liven taste buds and keep you coming back for more and more!

Mix Juice Blackcurrant Lemonade 50ml Short Fill

One for Lemonade lovers!  Our Blackcurrant Lemonade blends the sharp, fruity tartness of fresh Blackcurrants with the zesty, refreshing taste of sparkling Lemonade.  Akin to putting a drop of Ribena in favourite glass of cold lemonade.

Mix Juice Blue Raspberry 50ml Short Fill

If you like your e liquids sweet and fruity you’re gonna love thus Blue Raspberry juice!  A premium blend of a ripe, tangy Blueberries infused with luscious, juicy Raspberries makes this one of our most satisfying vape juice for people who love their e liquid fruity!  This tantalising juice is one of our favourite blends and we’re certain you’ll love it too!

Mix Juice Strawberry Tart 50ml Short Fill

Calling all cake lovers, this one’s for you!  Our Strawberry Tart short fill e liquid blends the taste of buttery, biscuity pastry with a the sharp, sweetness of fresh strawberries.  Just like a fresh baked Strawberry Tart!

Mix Juice Twister 50ml Short Fill

Get a taste of Summer with our Twister short fill e-liquid.  We create that taste you know by blending luscious limes and other summer fruits with a slight hint of vanilla to create a nostalgic vaping delight.

Mix Juice Peach Ice 50ml Short Fill

Everybody loves a nice, juicy peach –  and vapers everywhere are going to love the Mix Juice Peach Ice e-liquid!  With this vape juice you get a rich, sweet Peach hit followed by an icy cool exhale.  It’s a combination you might now have thought of before, but trust us, it works and tastes amazing!

Mix Juice Raspberry Custard 50ml Short Fill

Custard is one the most popular E Liquid flavours on the market and has a huge following.  With our Raspberry Custard vape juice, we’ve gone a step further and blended creamy Vanilla custard with the summer, luscious flavour of Raspberries.  The result is a great tasting E-Liquid that isn’t overly sweet but will satisfy the taste buds of all custard lovers.

Mix Blueberry Jam 50ml Short Fill

Now this is one for the taste buds!  Our Blueberry Jam e-liquid is a taste extravaganza and one for lovers of all things sweet.  So good you’ll wish you could spread it on your toast or mix it into your morning porridge!  A wonderful vape juice that bursts with the taste of fresh blueberries and sugar without being overpowering or sickly sweet.

Mix Juice Cherry Bakewell 50ml Short Fill

Everyone loves a Bakewell Tart and our modern, updated take on a classic will definitely leave you wanting to vape more.  This e-liquid blends the full flavour of cherries with a hint of almond frangipane over a rich, butter pastry cake base.

Mix Juice Sensational Menthol 50ml Short Fill

If you like your Menthol to tingle your senses then the Mix Juice Sensational Menthol is the e-liquid for you!  Our special blend Peppermint Menthol is a strong, fresh tasting e-liquid, without being too powerful and over taking the taste buds.  Instead, this e-liquid will leave you feeling minty fresh!

We use a 70/30 ratio mix of high quality VG & PG.  We also only use the very best flavour concentrates – allowing for an e-liquid that carries tons of flavour and vapes like a dream.

All Mix Juice short fills come 50ml in a 70ml bottle, nicotine free.  You can add one or two 10ml vials of Nic Shot to create your desired vaping strength, just select from the product options.

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