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Mr Wicks 50ml Shortfill

Mr Wick’s Twisted Pop – It’s a classic flavour, and one that many companies in the UK have tried to emulate, but now that Mr Wicks have turned their hand to recreating the delicious combination of a lime and raspberry sorbet twisted around fresh Vanilla Ice Cream, we don’t think you’ll look any further in future!

Toffee Popcorn by Mr Wick’s – Traditionally the snack of choice for film lovers, Toffee Popcorn is about as close to a savoury flavour as you can get in a vape. The slightly salty nature of the popcorn combining beautifully with the dark earthy sweetness of the toffee, resulting in an e-liquid that’s possibly nicer than the snack itself!

Passion Chiller by Mr Wick’s – A fresh, fruity and entirely citrussy vape!Sweet enough to be moreish, but crisp and light enough to be an all day vape, Passion Chiller from the creators at Momo E-liquid is exactly what you need for the English summer.

Mr Wick’s Mango and Blackcurrant E-liquid – There are few flavours as outright tropical as Mango, add that to the dark, juicy sweetness of a blackcurrant and you’ve got a delicious tropical vape e-liquid that’ll please even the pickiest of vapers.

Jam Scone by Mr Wick’s – Sweet jam flavoured vape, spread on a beautifully buttered scone with a dollop of cream. It may not be the most ground-breaking e-liquid flavour around but it’s definitely one of the best jam flavoured vapes around.

Chocolate Limes e-liquid by Mr Wick’s – Take yourself back to the days of penny sweets – the little green boiled sweets with a delicious milk chocolate centre? That’s exactly what Chocolate Limes by Momo E-liquids is, just in a vape!

Candy Cane by Mr Wick’s – A vape flavour traditionally associated with Christmas, Candy Canes is exceptionally tasty. Peppermint with just a slight hint of cream and then sweetened to perfection, Mr Wicks are out to prove that this e-liquid can be enjoyed all year round!

Mr Wicks’ Rhubarb and Custard is just that, a delicious recreation of the Rhubarb and Custard sweets of yesteryear. Amazingly and accurately recreated by the vape juice specialists MoMo E-liquid, this vape promises to be a nostalgic treat!

Mr Wick’s Grape Soda, a new e-liquid by MoMo E-liquids, is fresh from Vape Jam UK 4, where it won the ‘Best Drink TPD Eliquid’ award! It’s a classic take, and an exceptionally familiar flavour profile. The grapes are exceptionally juicy with the suggestion of fizz that all great soda vapes should have. Perfectly sweet and well-balanced, Grape Soda is a fruit vaper’s dream!

Mr Wick’s Pear & Raspberry, an exceptionally unusual flavour combination! However, as single flavours of sweets they’re amazingly tasty. That’s what this new flavour by MoMo E-Liquids is – A pear and raspberry sweet, all jumbled together with tangy sugar piled on top, to make this fruity all day vape!

Mr Wicks’ Lemon Tart, a zesty & citrusy vape flavour with plenty of curd and just a small hint of the buttery goodness you’d expect from a real lemon tart. There’s lots of options when it comes to lemon tart e-liquid flavours but MoMo E-liquids’ Mr. Wick’s version is one that cannot be missed!

As they go, it doesn’t get more self-explanatory than Orange & Limefizz by Mr Wick’s. Part of MoMo E-Liquids new range, this juice is a sherbet noted orange and lime, with a light tangy fizz, creating a refreshing take on a citrus vape flavour.

Mr Wick’s Unloaded is for fans of Malaysian styled icy tingle e-liquids. MoMo’s latest vape juice is a tangy, sweet combination of fruits finished off by an icy coolness.

As a range, Mr. Wicks by MoMo E-Liquids keeps it simple – It does what it says on the tin and as a result, with Raspberry and Lychee, you get the aforementioned fruit, sweetened to perfection and blended into a delicious all day vape!


50ML Shortfill Add 1 x Nic Shot 18mg To Make 60ml 3mg

What’s in the box:

1 x 50ml

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