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Freemax Fireluke 3 Sub Ohm Tank

Freemax Fireluke 3 Sub Ohm Tank Maxus 100W Unit contains Fireluke 3 tank and Maxus 100W mod. The Fireluke 3 tank is updated variant of notable Fireluke 2 Tank. SS904L work material and three unmistakable steel balls mechanismis are used for increasingly steady and progressively astounding vaping ...

Australia Bans Vaping Imports

Australia bans vaping imports 1st July 2020   E-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine are now prohibited broadly, the new boycott, forced by the Remedial Merchandise Organization (TGA) forced the boycott, would see the restriction reached out to imported items from July 1. There will ...

Menthol Cigarettes UK

Menthol cigarettes, thin cigs and seasoned tobacco items will be prohibited in the UK as of twentieth May 2020 under the new EU smoking guidelines. Intended to control the take-up of youth smoking rates and prevent individuals from beginning smoking, the TRPR guidelines imply that smokers will no ...

Will State Budgets Be Ready for Cigarette Free World

A world without cigarettes? It could happen. In fact, it’s the stated goal of both anti-smoking organisations and one of the world’s biggest tobacco companies. But a world without cigarette taxes? Now that’s a world many state governments aren’t ready for quite yet. Last year,  Philip ...

E-Cigarettes vs Covid-19

Covid-19 and vaping E-cigarettes (vapes) can be a viable guide to halting smoking and staying smokefree. The proof on the wellbeing dangers of e-cigarettes is as yet creating. Notwithstanding, plainly vaping is far less unsafe to the respiratory framework than smoking. There is next to no proof on ...

Chinese Conference English Version June 2020

About The UKVIA   The UK Vaping Industry Association is Britain’s leading trade association representing the dynamic vaping sector. Our vision: to create a world where the evidence-based, life-changing public health benefits of vaping are fully understood, and their positive impact is ...

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