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NovaVapes – ALL flavours £4.05 per 60ml with code (Approx £0.68 per 10ml!)

Nova Vapes

Nova ICE, Nova Classics and Rose & Ivy

Approximately £0.68 per 10ml of e-liquid with the code!

60ml shortfilled to 50ml.

70VG, nic shots come FREE to make each bottle purchased 3mg!



Flavours Available:

Nova ICE range:

  • Grape ICE – (An explosion of candied and natural grapes layered with subtle tones of sweet watermelon).
  • Mango Lychee – (A mouthwatering exotic mix of ripe mango and lychee.)
  • Pina Koolada – (The classic Pina Colada! An incredible mix of coconut, sweet creams and pineapple!)
  • Strawberry Lemonade – (A sweet and fizzy lemonade, bursting with juicy strawberry and fruits).

Each flavor is complemented by a strong menthol ICE which packs a punch!

Rose & Ivy Range:

  • Cornflake Crunch – (A beautiful rendition of the British cornflake tart from England. Cornflake Crunch brings this recipe to life! This is a predominantly cornflake flavour, coupled with a luscious sweet jam on a flavourful pastry dessert base).
  • Victorian Sweet Chew – (Victorian Sweet Chew is strikingly similar to British fruit chews, with a creamy and tropical sweet bite. If you love your British chewy sweets, this is the one for you!)
  • Tea Time Treat – (Love custard cream biscuits? Then this is the flavour for you! Tea Time Treat is an explosion of flavour, with custard, biscuit and creamy notes to delight your palette).
  • Mystic Mint Ice-Cream – (A mouthwatering flavour blending mints, chocolate, and ice-cream to recreate that wonderful seaside treat).
  • Bakewell Slice – (The perfect British dessert! Bakewell Slice is a well-balanced blend of sweet cherry, raspberry and almond cake, with a dollop of sweet icing to top it all off. This is one of our sweeter flavours, perfect for when you want to treat yourself!)

Nova Classics Range:

  • Rainbow Dust – (A complex juice that gains its roots from rainbow sherbet)
  • Grahams Custard – (A delightfully thick and creamy custard with a beautiful body of Golden Graham’s!)
  • Orange Nimbus – (A pleasantly smooth breakfast orange with a natural and crisp mango tone.)
  • Comet – (A delicious mix of peanut butter, raspberry and strawberry.)
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