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Rope Cut 10ml Short Fill

Rope Cut All Weather Vape is a collection of premium tobacco blended e-liquids from Canada. Handcrafted and using only the highest quality ingredients. Rope Cut infuses the tobacco flavour you crave with your favourite daily delights, helping you weather through any storm that may come your way.



Skipper by Rope Cut

Rope Cut - Skipper 10ml

Very smooth and very creamy, this classic custard tobacco flavour blend is a perfect balance and delicious.

Rope Cut - ShellBack 10ml

Shellback by Rope Cut

Sit back and reminisce while appreciating this blend of tobacco and green apple, with notes of buttery graham cracker.

Santo Domingo by Rope Cut

Sail across the ocean and enjoy this extravagant tobacco blend that is infused with cinnamon and coconut.

Merrimack by Rope Cut

Fit for the calm seas, a soft tobacco blend that combines hints of mint and vanilla.

Loose Canon by Rope Cut

Let yourself loose with this skilful blend of nuts and tobacco, rounded out with a creamy caramel flavour.

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