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Smiths Sauce E-liquid 100ml – £6.95

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Smiths Sauce 100ml Premium Eliquid ShortfillsSmiths Sauces is a family fun business creating handcrafted bespoke Eliquid flavours in the heart of Yorkshire.  Established in 2016, over the years we have created some of the finest Eliquids around.  We deliver Premium Quality Flavours without the Premium Price.  Once you try Smiths Sauces you wont look back.


Flavour Descriptions:
  • Acid Drip – A Blend of Kiwi, Melon & Grapefruit Slightly Iced
  • Blackcurrant Ice – A Glass of Blackcurrant Squash over Ice
  • Blue Slush – A Blue Raspberry Candy Slushy (NO Menthol or Ice)
  • Bubblegum – Just Like the Retro 80’s Sweets
  • Custard – Our Famous Vanilla Pod Custard
  • Drumstix – Raspberry and Milky Lolly
  • Fierce Summer Freeze – A Sweet Blueberry & Citrus Menthol (Menthol & Ice)
  • Grape Soda Cool – A Sweet & Cool American Grape Soda (Menthol & Ice)
  • Hi Berry – Grape with Mixed Berries and a Cool Hit (Low Ice)
  • Mams – Our Version of the Famous Mothers Milk
  • Red Stairs – A Red Berry & Black Grape Mix With Coolin Notes of Eucalyptus & Aniseed
  • Salted Caramel – A Sweet and Creamy Salted Caramel
  • Strawberry Milkshake – A Thick and Creamy Strawberry Milkshake
  • Stawberry Fried Ice Cream – Deep Fried Ice Cream Topped with Fresh Strawberry’s
  • Twister Lolly – Our Version of the Famous Twister Lolly Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Dream – A Blend of Vanilla & Cream with a Hint of Apple & Splash of Bourbon
  • Pear Drops – Classic Sweet Shop Pear Drops
  • Purple Slush – Dark Grape Candy Slushy (No Menthol or Ice)
  • Snake – Citrus and Aniseed with a Cool Hit
  • Banana Milkshake – A Thick and Creamy Banana Milkshake
  • Toffee Bon Bon – A Sweet Shop Favorite Toffee Flavored Bon Bon’s
  • Cherryade – A Bright & Zingy Cherryade Flavour
  • Banoffee Pie – A Thick Creamy & Chocolaty Banoffee Pie
  • Watermelon Rancher – Sweet Watermelon Flavoured E Lqiuid…. A Jolly Good Vape
  • Mixed Fruits – A Sweet Summer Fruit Mix Medley
  • Cherry Cola – A Sweet & Fizzy Cola Bottle Flavour with a Cherry Twist
  • Apple – A Mix of the Best Fresh Tasting Orchard Appples
  • Blackcurrant – A Sweet Blackcurrant Flavour
  • Lemon Meringue Pie – Traditional Sweet Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Caramel Vanilla Cheesecake – A Sweet Caramel & Vanilla Cheesecake
  • Sherbert Ice Cream – Soft Vanilla Ice Cream Rolled in a Sweet Sherbert Dip
  • Emperors Tabacco – Smooth Rich Brown Tobacco Confronted with a Rich Cappuccino and a Drizzle of Sweet Caramel
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