Vampire Vape E-Liquid 50ml – £6.66

£6.66 £10.99

Vampire Vape E-Liquid
50ml Shortfill


Cool Blue Slush

Blueberry Raspberry E-Liquid, Cool Blue Slush
A delectable, fruity fusion of blueberries and raspberries that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and cool on the exhale.
Reminds you of those old classic bright blue slush drinks that everyone knows and loves!

Cool Green Slush

A distinctive, zesty lime flavour that’ll tingle your taste buds instantly,

The fresh, cold taste will cool you down in any weather.
Leaving you with the perfect refreshing vape for a hot sunny day!
Designed to wake up tired and bored taste buds, this zesty lime e-liquid is a sure-fire winner.

Cool Red Slush

Raspberry Strawberry E-Liquid, Cool Red Slush

Keep yourself rejuvenated and cool this summer with a sweet blend of the nation’s favourite red fruits, raspberries, and strawberries.
Just like the old classic bright red slush, which is bursting with fun and flavours!
A fruit blast, nicely enhanced by a cooling undertone that takes the vape to a whole other level.

Cool Yellow Slush

Tropical Fruits E-Liquid

Cool Yellow Slush by Vampire Vape Shortz, tropical fruits with an icy undertone, a delicious flavour inspired by the classic slushie.
On inhale you’ll experience hints of mango, pineapple, and more for a sweet, tart combo,
combined with a cool exhale.

Purple Fusion

Pineapple Grape E-Liquid.
Vampire Vape Purple Fusion is a juicy addition to the Shortz collection.

This is a delicious fruit cocktail combining fresh pineapple in harmony with juicy grapes.
Purple Fusion is a mouthwatering all day vape that you’re going to come back to again and again.
This fruit cocktail is an outstanding flavour that perfectly captures the strong, sweet taste of the combined flavours.


Sourade Citrus E-Liquid

This one has some serious bite to it!
Deliciously blended citrus zest that gives a zing and the fresh taste of lemon in every vape.
If you like sour, tangy flavours this is going to become one of your new favorites.

Highland Soda

This one is Scotland’s second-best export (It’s not Scotch Whiskey…).

People from all areas know and love this familiar fizzy orange coloured drink. With its strong nostalgic flavours and a delicious tangy taste.
A unique flavour that is distinctive in its own right and a definite contender for a place in your liquid collection.


Strawberry Sherbet Eliquid, Strawbizzle

Strawbizzle Strawberry Sherbet E-Liquid is a fresh blend of juicy strawberry and fizzy sherbet.
The strawberry is deliciously sweet and ripe, and the sherbet leaves your tongue fizzing with its zinginess.
An amazing elixir, loaded with intense, original flavour.
The standard strawberry flavour has been flipped on its head producing a liquid that is nothing short of revolutionary.

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