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Vapoholic 600ml Short Fill – £48.90

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It’s time to stock up on your favourite e-liquid flavours for August!

Mix and Match any shortfill flavours!

Amped Apple Blackberry E Liquid

Amped Apple Blackberry E Liquid

The Juicy Nerds Amped Apple Blackberry! Tart green apples and juicy blackberries come together to create the perfect contrast in this fantastic sweet vape.

Apple Sour Lemon E Liquid

Apple Sour Lemon E Liquid

The Juicy Nerds Apple Sour Lemon! Want a vape with some real bite to it? This citrus and apple blend, based on a classic Nerds combo, is guaranteed to grab your attention!

asap grape e liquid

ASAP Grape E Liquid

Rich, sweet, and juicy, our ASAP Grape E Liquid is a must if you like complex fruit flavours with a refreshing cooling sensation.

berrylicious e liquid

Berrylicious E Liquid

When a single berry flavour is not enough, go for our Berrylicious E Liquid!

black jack e liquid

Black Jack E Liquid

Relive nostalgic memories with the most authentic Black Jack eliquid you can buy!

blue slush e liquid

Blue Slush E Liquid

Sweet and juicy, this bright, bold and blue vape juice blends ripe, tangy blueberries with a touch of sweetness for the perfect balance.

blueberry yoghurt e liquid

Blueberry Yoghurt E Liquid

Love fruit? Love creamy yoghurt? Well, get the best of both worlds with our Blueberry Yoghurt E Liquid!

butterscotch custard e liquid

Butterscotch Custard E Liquid

Imagine lashings of warm, vanilla custard topped with a swirl of deliciously sweet and sticky butterscotch sauce – then you’ve imagined vaping on Butterscotch Custard E Liquid!

caffe latte e liquid

Caffe Latte E Liquid

One of our office favourites! Dragon Berry E Liquid hits the mark whether you are a fruity, sweet or cool vape juice lover!

Cherry Lemonade e liquid

Cherry Lemonade E Liquid

Lychees, the sweet, fragrant fruit, can now be enjoyed in this Exotic Lychee E Liquid.

chewit fruits e liquid

Chewit Fruits E Liquid

Our version of the Fantasi Apple E Liquid mimics the popular soft drink with sparkling perfection!

creamy doughnut e liquid

Creamy Doughnut E Liquid

For our UK-made replica Fantasi Apple Ice E Liquid, we’ve taken our classic Apple E liquid but given it an extra blast of arctic coolness!

dragon berry e liquid

Dragon Berry E Liquid

One of our office favourites! Dragon Berry E Liquid hits the mark whether you are a fruity, sweet or cool vape juice lover!

exotic lychee e liquid

Exotic Lychee E Liquid

Lychees, the sweet, fragrant fruit, can now be enjoyed in this Exotic Lychee E Liquid.

fantasi apple e liquid

Fantasi Apple E Liquid

Our version of the Fantasi Apple E Liquid mimics the popular soft drink with sparkling perfection!

fantasi apple ice e liquid

Fantasi Apple Ice E Liquid

For our UK-made replica Fantasi Apple Ice E Liquid, we’ve taken our classic Apple E liquid but given it an extra blast of arctic coolness!

fantasi cola ice e liquid

Fantasi Cola Ice E Liquid

For our UK-made Fantasi Cola Ice E Liquid, we’ve taken the iconic and unmistakable flavour and BLASTED it with cooling!

fantasi grape e liquid

Fantasi Grape E Liquid

Fantasi has made a real name for themselves with their perfect recreations of fruity soft drinks. Fantasi Grape E Liquid is our amazing UK-made e-liquid of the popular Malaysian vape juice.

fantasi grape ice e liquid

Fantasi Grape Ice E Liquid

All the fruity deliciousness of our Fantasi Grape E Liquid but extra chilled, our UK-made Fantasi Grape Ice E Liquid is perfect for those hot summer days!

fantasi lemoande e liquid

Fantasi Lemonade E Liquid

We’ve painstakingly tweaked the recipe of our UK-made Fantasi Lemonade E Liquid to give you the best tasting lemonade e-juice ever!

fantasi lemonade ice e liquid

Fantasi Lemonade Ice E Liquid

With our UK-made Fantasi Lemonade Ice E Liquid, you get all the lemony zing of home-made lemonade but with an extra icy chill for the ultimate refreshing vape!

fantasi lime mojito ice e liquid

Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice E Liquid

Our mixologists have captured the refreshingly zesty, mint zing of the classic Cuban cocktail perfectly in our UK-made Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice E Liquid.

fantasi mango e liquid

Fantasi Mango E Liquid

When it comes to refreshing tropical fruit soda, mango is the king and our UK-made Fantasi Mango vape juice captures all its sweet, exotic goodness!

fantasi mango ice e liquid

Fantasi Mango Ice E Liquid

If you love mango soda vape juice but are also looking for an extra cool blast, our UK-made Fantasi Mango Ice E Liquid is for you!

fantasi orange e liquid

Fantasi Orange E Liquid

Our take on the Fantasi Orange E Liquid has quickly become a fan favourite.

fantasi orange ice e liquid

Fantasi Orange Ice E Liquid

Our Fantasi Orange Ice E Liquid has everything you love about orange soda vape juice but with an intense blast of icy cool freshness!

fizzy bull e liquid

Fizzy Bull E Liquid

We’ve captured the essence of your favourite energy drink in our Fizzy Bull E Liquid, making it a refreshing pick-me-up for any time of the day.

fizzy cola e liquid

Fizzy Cola E Liquid

Just thinking of fizzy cola bottles gets your taste buds tingling and we’ve captured the sensation perfectly in our Fizzy Cola E Liquid.

Fresh Like Mango E Liquid

To keep you going through a hard day you really want a bright uplifting juice to take you away to a beautiful oasis and that’s exactly what Fresh Like Mango E-liquid does.

frosty tiger e liquid

Frosty Tiger E Liquid

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious bowl of the famous frosted cereal with ice cold milk? Well, that’s the taste you can enjoy any time with Frosty Tiger E Liquid!

fruity menthol explosion e liquid

Fruity Menthol Explosion E Liquid

Love menthol? Love fruit? Then experience the fantastic fusion of cool menthol and juicy fruit with our Fruity Menthol Explosion E Liquid!

fruity salad chew e liquid

Fruity Salad Chew E Liquid

For lovers of sweet, fruity e-juices, Fruity Salad Chew E Liquid hits the mark.

Gobbly Gobstopper E Liquid

Gobbly Gobstopper E Liquid

Ah gobstoppers – they would keep you quiet for hours! Well, now you can relive sucking on layer upon layer of sweet, fruity goodness in our Gobstopper E Liquid!

goldy bears e liquid

Goldy Bears E Liquid

Goldy Bears E Liquid pays respectful homage to the king of gummy candy.

Grape Strawberry e liquid

Grape Strawberry E Liquid

The Juicy Nerds Grape Strawberry e-juice combines juicy berries in one outstanding vape! This incredible Nerds-inspired flavour combines sweet strawberry and complex grape to deliver a true taste explosion.

heisenberg e liquid

Heizenberg E Liquid

Heisenberg, the alias of the main character on the TV show Breaking Bad, came up with the recipe for this famous vape…now we’ve given it the Ferocious Flavours treatment!!

cola e liquid

Hippy Cola E Liquid

Ah cola bottles – a firm favourite all over the UK. Well, now you can experience the same sweet cola hit every time you vape with Hippy Cola E Liquid.

jelly baes eliquid

Jelly Baes E Liquid

You open a bag of jelly sweets to have “a couple” and half an hour later, they’ve all gone…admit it, you’ve done it!

key lime pie e liquid

Key Lime Pie E Liquid

Fans of dessert vape liquids are in for a real treat with our Key Lime Pie E Liquid – rich pie crust with a creamy lime filling, topped with light, fluffy meringue. Yum!

liquorice e liquid

Liquorice E Liquid

For those who like a rich e-juice, Laced Liquid Liquorice E Liquid packs that deep vape punch that you would expect from the classic black candy.

menthol e liquid

Menthol E Liquid

Finding the perfect Menthol E Liquid can be difficult. It may seem like a simple flavour, but many are too minty, too sweet or too bland – but fear not, Ferocious Flavours has come to the rescue!

minty custard e liquid

Minty Custard E Liquid

With the taste of rich, creamy custard complemented by a refreshing minty twist, once again, contrasting flavours are working their wonders in our Minty Custard E Liquid.

neon slush e liquid

Neon Slush E Liquid

Packed with tangy citrus and Koolada, Neon Slush E Liquid is the ultimate in mind-blowingly cool vapes.

new york cheesecake e liquid

New York Cheesecake E Liquid

Expertly mixed to capture the essence of the classic, outrageously dense and creamy dessert, New York Cheesecake E Liquid is truly a vaping experience to be savoured.

Peach Wild Berry E Liquid

Peach Wild Berry E Liquid

The Juicy Nerds Peach Wild Berry vape! Sweet, smooth and velvety, this fruit vape inspired by Nerds makes a delicious all-day vape or a luxurious after-dinner treat.

perfect pear drop e liquid

Perfect Pear Drop E Liquid

We’ve taken our time to get our Perfect Pear Drop eLiquid! Making it as close to the popular red and yellow retro sweets as we can, and it’s turned out to be one of our masterpieces!

pink custard e liquid

Pink Custard E Liquid

Pink custard may well be a retro dessert, but it has been given a new lease of life with our Pink Custard eliquid!

pink lemonade e liquid

Pink Lemonade E Liquid

The classic, super-refreshing summer drink is now available as Pink Lemonade E Liquid!

psycho sherbet e liquid

Psycho Sherbet E Liquid

There’s nothing quite like the zingy fizz of sherbet on your tongue and our expert mixologists have managed to replicate the sensation exactly in our taste bud-tingling Psycho Sherbet E Liquid.

psycho skittles e liquid

Psycho Skittles E Liquid

Bright, bold and very fruity, Psycho Skittles E Liquid captures the unique taste of the rainbow coloured candy perfectly!

purple mist e liquid grape lychee

Purple Mist E Liquid

Light, pleasantly fruity and deliciously moreish, Purple Mist E-liquid blends juicy grape and smooth lychee into an exotic and tasty juice.

purple slush e liquid

Purple Slush E Liquid

Just the thought of a juicy, frozen grape flavoured slush is enough to get your mouth-watering. Well, now you can enjoy the taste sensation any time of the day with Purple Slush E Liquid.

raspberry doughnut e liquid

Raspberry Doughnut E Liquid

Raspberry Doughnut has it all – light, fluffy doughnut batter with a sweet raspberry filling!

Red Air E Liquid

A carefully balanced blend of contrasting flavours come together in our Red Air E Liquid.

red slush e liquid

Red Slush E Liquid

Strawberry is an amazingly versatile vape flavour and we have realised its full potential in our Red Slush E Liquid!

salted caramel e liquid

Salted Caramel E Liquid

We have crafted our Salted Caramel E Liquid to give you all the luxurious flavour without worrying about the calories!

sex on the beach e liquid

Sex on The Beach E Liquid

Our Sex on the Beach vape captures the classic cocktail so closely you’ll think you ordered it straight from the bar!

slow blow e liquid

Slow Blow E Liquid

What do you get when you combine sweet, juicy pineapples with refreshingly cool lime soda? The answer is: Slow Blow E Liquid.

starmax eliquid

Starmax E Liquid

Watch someone pull out a bag of mixed juicy sweets and witness the drooling masses that creep out of the woodwork to steal one!

Strawberry gummy e liquid

Strawberry Gummy E Liquid

Wherever there’s a pick ‘n mix bag, there’s a strawberry gummy. The mainstay of cinema snacks across the UK is now perfectly realised as a mouth-watering e-juice.

strawberry milkshake e liquid

Strawberry Milkshake E Liquid

We’ve worked hard to get our Strawberry Milkshake vape as close to the real thing as possible. Smooth, thick, creamy and fruity without being tart. We think you’ll agree it tastes like it came right out of an American burger bar!

strawberry rice pudding e liquid

Strawberry Rice Pudding E Liquid

Ah, rice pudding – the warm, creamy dessert has been a household favourite for decades. Now with our Strawberry Rice Pudding E Liquid, you can enjoy the taste any time of the day and you don’t have to worry about your waistline!

strawberry watermelon kiwi e liquid

Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi E Liquid

Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi E Liquid is a unique blend of strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi expertly blended to complement each other perfectly.

tobacco sunrise e liquid

Tobacco Sunrise E Liquid

There’s a place on every vaper’s shelf for a good tobacco flavoured e-juice! However, none of them are as mellow and satisfying as Tobacco Sunrise.

vanilla custard e liquid

Vanilla Custard Delight E Liquid

Getting this classic vape juice flavour right is not easy! However, we think we’ve perfected it in our exceptionally creamy and sweet Vanilla Custard Delight E Liquid!

wicked haze e liquid

Wicked Haze E Liquid

Our Wicked Haze E Liquid will awaken your senses with an ice cold blast of lemonade and blackcurrant.

Wild Cherry Watermelon E Liquid

Wild Cherry Watermelon E Liquid

This Nerds flavour has always been popular! In fact, our Wild Cherry Watermelon E Liquid captures the mouth-watering mix of candy rocks perfectly.

10x60ml bottles for only: £48.90
RRP: £69.90

Or size up and get

10x120ml bottles for only: £69.93
RRP: £99.90

Take advantage of Vapoholic’s buy 10 get 3 free offer on ALL shortfill e-liquids! Simply, add 10 delicious shortfills into your basket, apply the ‘10for7‘ coupon, and get three free!

60ml: £6.99 | 100ml: £7.99 | 120ml: £9.99
0MG, 3MG, or 6MG Nicotine strength
Standard or salt nicotine available

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