Wismec Active Review

Wismec Active Review



I received the Wismec Active Kit yesterday, before i get into what I believe is great and bad just a warning, when opening the box and pouring fluid into the tank please don’t wack it to 60 watts like myself and vape, you’ll end up with a huge dry throat as the pre stocked coil in the tank is only 8w – 11w. I have no idea why they’d put the lowest pre-stock coil in a tank that most people when buying will want to test it for power straight of the hat.






This Wismec Active kit to me after changing the coil made me enjoy a good vape, the flavour from a stock coil is the same regardless of who made the coils unless they are of-course mesh.  When opening the box and seeing this Mod has speakers it brought back the old times of excitement for myself enjoying new technology.  The device comes with a pre-charged battery which also is fully charged on arrival meaning no need to have the wait to vape.  The casing of the mod is very durable has a rubber casing designed for the builder type or if you are just very clumsy,  I know its very good build as i accidentally dropped in out of a 3rd floor window and it worked perfectly find just a few scruffs.





The Active Bluetooth speaker.  This is what I’ve been waiting for we’ve had the fidget spinners with bluetooth speakers why can’t we have a mod that has a not one but two speakers,  The sound quality is great for radio or normal tunes without yes the base, If you are like me and love a great dance hit or rock which requires great base to give you that feeling then this speaker isn’t going to give you the justice you’ve been wanting. Although using this for pop music or today’s hits the sound quality does justify using a mobile phone.  When connecting to the chosen device a few nettie gritty errors I personally don’t like, when you are wanting to turn the volume up or down if pressed in like other bluetooth speakers it will change the song or channel you are listening too.



The Active Mod I was very impressed that this mod is so light that you wouldn’t think it has all the features within the actual device, compared to other Wismec devices you’d be thinking this would weigh more or less the same although it doesn’t feel as if you’ve actually got a device in your hand at all.  I managed to use this kit with on average 62W for around 7 hours before the battery started to flash with the speaker active aswell for around 3 hours.  The trigger button is a bit stiff although this is something that is great in some cases, which ideally means it should last. Another great feature about this device it’s not painted meaning no issues with that one.  





Waterproof yes this device is truly waterproof you can accidentally drop it in a bucket of water, river bath or a pool and it still plays music under water, when taking the device out a quick shake and vape even tho it’s been under water. Idea for fishing days out at the beach on holiday around the pool or simply working in a trade that the accidents do happen. 

Active kit



Tank This comes with two coils one is decided for 8w-11w for users who prefer high nicotine and a 40w-80w coil, The tank it self has a great range of airflow options so you can choose which is best for your requirements, also has top fill with the new invention of pushing the tank to reveal the pouring point, another reason this is to keep the tank airtight no stop air passing through and not forgetting water.








Rubber Casing The casing on the device is really well designed to give you a really good grip to the mod for all types of weather 

and situations you could be working or active sports you do.  Another advantage to the case also allows you to change them to different colours or design to give you the flexibility to have a different design without having to buy more, they seem very easy to remove and replace as well.  







Pre-Order this device from vape sourcing is ready to touch down on the 20th of august this month. use coupon code ACTIVE for 28% off the product.




overall review Wismec Active is truly a great mod for all walks of life, Its a great balance of vaping to entertainment. The weight to comfort in your hand to the delivery of vape from airflow to battery life, the whole device offers you great feeling, I’ve enjoyed using this device for over 24 hours now and I’ve truly nothing bad to say about it, Other than having a under powered pre installed coil in the device with no awareness. 


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