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XL Range 250ml Short Fill – £20.00

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XL – 250ml By Home Vapers

Why wait for bottle shots to steep? Why the need to buy extra ingredients? Don’t you always seem to have a random amount left over you can’t do anything with? Why get your hands messy? Why fiddle with all the work when we can do it all for you? There are just so many reasons not to mess around with bottle shots anymore! They are a thing of the past!

Our XL range has four very delicately selected flavours that will satisfy every taste buds.

Rio XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Rio XL – 250ml  £20.00 Sale
Rio –  A clever blend of the juiciest mango’s, guava, apricot, orange, passion fruit and peaches. This is sure to send you to your favourite sunny paradise with every mouthwatering hit.
Blueberry Jam XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Blueberry Jam XL – 250ml  £20.00 Sale
A true British classic! A world beater even, there’s nothing like a sweet, sugary blueberry jam mix is there? We’ve crafted this very, very carefully to make sure you benefit from everything this juice has to offer. There’s no inhale/exhale flavour mix, its just an all in one pure sweet, thick blast of flavour. This is perfect for those sweet lovers who still want a touch of a dessert without the cliche cake or biscuit base.
Grape Candy XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Grape Candy XL – 250ml  £20.00 Sale
Mouthwatering grape, matched perfectly to the rare Concord grapes, kicks off this flavour perfectly in ways that you could never imagine
Waterberry V2 XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Waterberry V2 XL – 250ml  £20.00 Sale
Sink your taste buds into this sweet blend of the most succulent strawberries around and the juiciest watermelons known to mankind. Are you a sucker for a sweet flavour? We’ve made this with you in mind!
Blue Slush XL - 250ml by Home Vapers
Blue Slush XL – 250ml £20.00 Sale
Heisenburg XL - 250ml by Home Vapers
Heisenburg XL – 250ml £20.00 Sale
Headrush XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Headrush XL – 250ml £20.00 Sale
Pineapple Express XL - 250ml By Home Vapers
Pineapple Express XL – 250ml  £20.00 Sale
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