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Yogi Farms 50ml Short Fill – £4.99

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Yogi Farms 50ml Shortfill

Fresh from the orchard and left to chill in the ice box, Yogi Farm’s Green Apple Ice delivers a refreshing icy bite and mellowed tartness to chill the palette. Green Apple Ice is the perfect way to unwind on a busy day.
You’re invited to the grove. Enjoy nature’s candy, the delectably delicious Yogi Farm’s Pineapple. Raised in the tropics and cultivated by Yogi Farms, Pineapple delivers on every note of sweet juiciness you’ve come to expect from this wonderful fruit. Experience the groves of Hawaii today with Yogi Farm’s Pineapple.
Fresh from the farm and left to chill in the ice box, Yogi Farm’s Pineapple Ice puts nature’s candy on ice for frozen sweetness ripe with flavour. Pineapple Ice delivers all the flavours and feelings of a chill summer’s day.
Experience best of the farmers market, deliciously sweet and tantalizingly tart Yogi Farm’s Pomegranate delivers a punch of bold flavours. The fresh flavours of Pomegranate will invigorate your day and become an instant favourite.
Fresh from the farm and left to chill in the ice box, Yogi Farm’s Pomegranate Ice is soothing blend of sensational sweetness and deep coolness. Invigorating as it is refreshing, Pomegranate Ice is the chill way to start or end the day.
Take a stroll down the vineyard and smell the sweet bouquet of vine ripened sun kissed white grapes hand-picked and bursting with flavour. Yogi Farm’s White Grape brings all the vibrant and sensationally sweet tones of the Sonoma vineyards in California.
Fresh from the vineyard and left to chill. Yogi Farm’s Yogi Farm’s White Grape Ice delivers a refreshingly chilled sweetness with the cool notes of the Sonoma vineyards. White Grape Ice is wonderful way to enjoy a warm summers day.
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