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Alternativ 50ml Shortfill


Alpha – Alternativ vaping liquid, what a delicious blend of juicy grapes fused with crisp apple flavours. Because of that will hit your taste buds from the start with a wave of juicy fruit. In addition, they are combined with sweet candy and refreshing menthol flavours creating a sweet yet ice-cold refreshing exhale. Finally, this fabulous menthol e-liquid blend is the perfect accompaniment to your vape pen or e-cigarette. Try out this delicious flavour today and experience the joy of Alternativ short fills.

Beta Alternativ is here with yet another fantastic e-liquid for you to try out. Experience a refreshing vape with a smooth blend of fruit and menthol flavours. In Addition, this amazing e-liquid short fill has a mixture of crisp green apple, juicy peach, sweet candy welcoming you with a blast of flavour on the inhale. Finally, a cool and minty menthol flavour wraps everything at the end creating a refreshing but yet full of flavour exhale.

Delta Alternativ is a fantastic sweet and refreshing flavour that will leave your taste buds tingling. With a refreshing mixture of various fruit and menthol flavours, this is certainly one tasty vaping liquid for you to enjoy. This fabulous ejuice is blended with sweet candy, watermelon, and strawberry that welcome you with a sweet and juicy inhale. Finally, an icy menthol breeze wraps around the flavours creating a refreshing exhale.

Iota Alternativ vape juice features some amazing flavour notes that will give you a refreshing vaping experience. Try out this Iota short fill today for a tasty blend of mango, peach, candy, and menthol. At first, a smooth blend of tropical fruits hit your taste buds wrapping them in sweet candy for a juicy consistency. To finish, a cool menthol takes over creating a cold, minty exhale.

Omega Alternativ vaping liquid is a delicious fruity ejuice blend infused with menthol that will give you a tasty and refreshing vape. Enjoy a sweet and sugary vape that welcomes you with a blend of pineapple, candy and lemonade on the inhale. Finally, a cool ice menthol aftertaste takes over for a refreshing exhale. In addition, this blend creates an awesome vape juice that can be vaped all day long.

Alternativ 50ml Shortfill – £4.99
Alternativ 50ml Shortfill – £4.99
£4.99 £12.99
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