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Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier

Avatar Vapenut Specification

Avatar Vapenut (AVN-1) is an intelligent hardware device-Air Purifier for e-cig vapor detection and elimination that a fashionable and ingenious air purifier, which can be used both indoors and in cars, aims to offer pure and fresh air to vapers.

 Minimize the fog and keep the air clean with this intuitive vape accessory! It comes with four modes, varying speed and filtration rate adjustments depending on the density.

Auto mode: the indicator light will change colors according to tot the vapor concentration in the air. Very low concentration green, Low concentration Yellow, Medium concentration Orange, High concentration Red;

Manual mode: you can control the fan speed by touching the ON/OFF/SPEED button, customizing your own purifying experience.


Model: AVN-1

Name: VapeNut – eCig Vapor Purifier

Color: White

Applicable Space: ≤ 10m³

Working Voltage: DC12V

Working Current: 0.1A~1A

Noise: Less than 50dB

Power Consumption: Max. 15W

Dimensions(WxDxH): 200mm x 200mm x 120mm

Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier comes with

1* Air Purifier

1* Power Adaptor

1* Car Power Adaptor

1* Spare Filter(Longevity: 3 to 6 months/Do not wash.)

1* Instruction Paper


• Specially designed for electronic cigarette users, one-click operation

• High-quality silent fan and circular arc duct design to reduce noise

• Air turbocharger system, circulating air, healthy and fun

Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier – £20.28
Avatar VapeNut Air Purifier – £20.28
£20.28 £73.04
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