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Boom Box E-liquid 200ml – £10.00

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Introducing our incredibly special Boom Box Range of 10ml E-liquids.

Freshmist being an exceptionally large e-liquid manufacturer in the UK, unfortunately, we made a printing error when manufacturing these bottles.

These bottles of 10ml e-liquid have been printed with the manufacturing date instead of the use-by date.

We are offering an incredibly special deal which includes 20 x 10ml e-liquids  thats 200ml of e-liquid for just ten pounds. 


Flavours List:


Reverb: Raspberry

Amplifier: Apple & Berries

Ghetto: Black Forest Fruits

Melody: Watermelon

Spin: Strawberry

Bass: Blueberry

Electro: Tropical

Frequency: Fruity

Loop: Lemon

Pop: Blueberry Bubblegum

Synthe: Iron Brew

Tempo: Berries Grapes

Glitch: Rasberry

Pulse: Grapes & Currants

Ice Ice Baby: Frostry Blueberry


Boom Box E-liquid 200ml – £10.00
Boom Box E-liquid 200ml – £10.00
£10.00 £79.98
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