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Caliypso 100ml E-Liquid Shortfill – £3.99

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Caliypso 100ml E-Liquid Shortfill


Caliypso E-Liquid – Lemon & Lime Lemonade

Lemon & Lime Lemonade from the new Caliypso range is a burst of citrus, citrus and more citrus! Taking the sweetness from a Cali Lemonade base and coupled up with the sharpness of fresh lemons and zesty lime, this e-liquid is perfectly balanced in both flavour and vapour production!

Caliypso E-Liquid – Original Lemonade

The Original Lemonade E-Liquid from the caliypso range is a simple yet delicious vape juice. It has the refreshing taste of freshly made Cali lemonade which is a perfect vape when you need it the most!

Caliypso E-Liquid – Sweet Mango Lemonade

Sweet Mango Lemonade from the new Ocean Flavor Series by Caliypso has a tropical mango base flavour, that has been combined with a refreshing Cali Lemonade.

Caliypso E-Liquid – Triple Melon Lemonade

Triple Melon Lemonade from the new Caliypso E-Liquid range combines 3 distinctive melon flavours into one and then they are added to a sweet refreshing Cali Lemonade and topped with a slice of watermelon.

Caliypso E-Liquid – Tropical Punch Lemonade

Tropical Punch Lemonade from the Caliypso range of E-Liquids is a celebration of tropical fruits all blended with a sweet Cali lemonade to create a refreshing vape juice that could easily become your next all day vape.

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