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Fallout Juice E-Liquid 200ml – £13.99

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Get more ammo for your vaping arsenal with this new range by FALLOUT!
We are proud to introduce you to the JUICE RATIONS range!
A range of classic vaping flavours and modern-day favourites rethought to give you the best experience imaginable from this remarkable collection.
The liquid initially comes in a 200ml bottle with 0mg nicotine and has a separate 50ml bottle packaged alongside it to allow for a more pocket-friendly and portable experience!

NOTE: You’ll receive one empty 50ml bottle with every 200ml juice you buy, to help with your rationing.



The authentic taste of summer! A combination of sweet green apples, ripe strawberry, bittersweet redcurrants and rich cherry combining on the exhale to bring you a beautifully complete fruit explosion of flavour to your taste buds! This will be popular with those that enjoy their complex fruit flavours.


An inspiring taste of the tropics that will transport you to a paradise far away! A selection of the finest exotic fruits on the inhale that will be different for each vapers experience with a stunning bubblegum exhale which ties everything together for a beautifully smooth exhale of tropical indulgence.


A classic that has been lovingly remixed to bring you memories of this OG fruit flavour but impeccably remastered for an even punchier hit of fruity freshness! Mouth-watering freshly picked sweet blackcurrant on the inhale with an awesomely refreshing arctic exhale to bring it all together! Guaranteed to bring back memories, and create exciting new ones!


This is an exquisite dessert flavour that will indefinitely tantalize your taste buds. With its base of crispy on the outside yet fluffy centred pastry and topped with a rich and decadent Boston cream filling infused with vanilla extract, this deserves your undivided attention!


The classic flavour of strawberry milk that has been given a thorough revision! Simply stunning handfuls of sun-ripened strawberries blended together on the inhale with a stunningly creamy whole milk flavour combining on the exhale to provide the mouth-watering authentic taste of a freshly made glass of strawberry milk! Only one word for this flavour – Devine!


The wake-up call that dreams are made of, with even less hassle! Imagine a bowl of your favourite sugar-coated breakfast flakes with plentiful dowsing’s of fresh and creamy whole milk and that is exactly what you have here in a perfect recreation that will bedazzle you! Go on, Finish this virtual bowl of left-over milk off! We won’t judge!


A sensationally sweet blast of sour blue raspberry on the inhale with the authentic taste of hard candy on the exhale that creates a jolly good representation of a familiar old school sweetie flavour that is sure to be recognized by many!


A sweet tooth’s idea of pure heaven! Sugary cubes of hard candy with a chewy centre, infused by a classically strong flavouring of Cola. The taste is incredibly precise and exactly as the title suggests! If you are looking for the replica of the classic childhood sweet favourite! What more could you ask for?


The fruitiest of all beverages has never tasted so good! This recreation of the classic flavour has a combination of juicy grapes, tangy raspberries and rich blackcurrants with a selection of secret ingredients to help towards its succulent and moreish aftertaste. Deliciously refreshing!


A mind-blowingly zesty flavour good for those after a strong lemon flavour with a punchy exhale, this recreation of the magical sherbet straws filled with the sweet sugary lemon filling will have you captivated in nostalgic bliss!


A delightful combination of creamy and fruity flavour notes collaborating with sheer bliss as a result! On the inhale you will taste the gooey sweetness of a raspberry syrup that is then blended perfectly on the exhale with a vanilla bean ice cream to create a smooth exhale that recreates those ripples you know and love with incredible realism!


A real heart-warming and wholesome dessert flavour. A rich, gooey and chewy cookie dough straight from the bowl with the peace of mind of a calorie-free conscience to top off the authentic taste perfectly. You will almost be wanting to grab a spoon and tuck right in! it’s that close!

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