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Joosh eliquid 200ml – £6.99

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Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

Flavour- Six strong flavour Malaysian style fruit and low mint your all day vape.

Grimm Blaze –  A fruity blend of Orange, mango and citrus by Jooshi.

Pasho Pom –  A sweet blend of passion fruit and pomegranate

Mad Polly –  A sweet tangy blend of Blueberry Mango and Lemon by Jooshi

Musky Bamm–  A tangy citrus fruits blend by Jooshi

Pink Blush –  A sweet tangy strawberry with a touch of smooth cream by Jooshi

Peachy Tang – A blend of peach and lime citrus by Jooshi





Joosh eliquid 200ml – £6.99
Joosh eliquid 200ml – £6.99
£6.99 £14.99
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