Lollipop Jar Liquids 50ml – £2.99

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The Lollipop Jar Liquids 50ml Short Fill


Vinto Lollipop: Sweet taste of blackcurrants and raspberries rolled up into a tingling tongue fantasy.

Cherry Cola Pops: Wild cherries picked and bottled with a hint of fizzy cola.

Cherry Rock Pops: Cherries punched into hard rock candy ready to burst your taste buds

Caramel Pops. Sweet Caramel candy, sugary tasting flavours for a all day vape.

Berry Pops: Forest fruits mixed into a lush fruit mix giving you a taste of the forest.

Black Pops:  Aniseed old skool favourite candy giving that spicy smooth memory.




Lollipop Jar Liquids 50ml – £2.99
Lollipop Jar Liquids 50ml – £2.99
£2.99 £7.99
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