Nicotine Shot 10ml – £0.99

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Our EP/USP pharmaceutical grade Flavour Planet Nicotine Shot is designed to shake & vape with our range of delicious 0mg shortfill vape juices.

Standard (freebase) nicotine shots give you an even release of nicotine and are most suited for seasoned vapers and those who have never smoked tobacco.

Our Nicotine Shot is flavourless and 70%VG/30%PG.

Unflavoured Nicotine for use with short fill eliquids.

Nicotine Shot – for a more even release of nicotine.

1-4 bottles: £0.99
5-10 bottles: £0.89
11-50 bottles: £0.69
51+ bottles: £0.59

Nicotine Shot 10ml – £0.99
Nicotine Shot 10ml – £0.99
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