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NEW FLAVOURS – Barista CoffeeGrape VerdeJuicy Strawberry, and Wild Raspberry

The Titus range has been expertly crafted from the finest UK sourced and manufactured ingredients, to deliver an outstanding vape at a price that makes this the obvious all day vape e-liquid. With a large range of exciting flavours, Titus vape liquid can cater to any vapers preference. From rich, earthy tobaccos to refreshing menthols and sweet fruits, Titus is perhaps one of the most versatile liquids available.

The 50/50 PG:VG ratio found in Titus offers a well-balanced experience, providing ample amounts of vapour and throat hit which is ideal for any vaper who wants the best of both worlds. Titus is also well suited for use in a wide variety of vape kits and tanks, so no matter what kit you own, there will always be a Titus flavour for you.

PG / VG Ratio – 50 / 50
Nicotine Strength – 0.0% / 0.3% / 0.6% / 1.0% / 1.8%
Made in the UK

Please note – You may receive original ‘Titus ADV’ branded bottles and packaging for a short period as we introduce this brand refresh!

To take advantage of tiered pricing, select your first flavour and strength, add to basket then continue shopping to add more bottles of different flavours/strengths. Once finished, the price will automatically recalculate based on the quantities added. These prices are per range:

3+ bottles: £4.57 | 5+ bottles: £4.49 | 10+ bottles: £4.24 | 20+ bottles: £3.99

Titus Vape Liquid – £3.99 At TECC
Titus Vape Liquid – £3.99 At TECC
£3.99 £4.99
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